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How long does THC really stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Carharttkid, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Ok, I've heard the whole deal of THC staying in your system for 30 day on average. Because im on drug testing would it make sense if i smoked once after my drug test (monthly tests) that it would not show a month later? I have been clean for a few weeks after smoking almost everyday and i think a small amount of thc in my system will clear out in a months time. What do you guys think?
  2. I can clean out my system in a week naturally. Or 2 hours using palo azul, but it's only sold in south texas. But if you smoke after the tests, you'll be perfectly fine for the next. Trust me
  3. 3-6 weeks.

    depending if you are a chronic smoker....:rolleyes:
  4. It's all about fat and metabolism , high metabolism/ low fat means clean faster, and vise versa
  5. this is what i do, its the best strategy. the night after your drug test, or even the weekend after, you can smoke with no worries. try not to overdue it, just in case, but if your an average sized person and you drink normal amounts of water(around 3-5 glasses a day) you should be clean in 2weeks AT THE MOST. exercise helps alot too
  6. Heavy smokers can take up to 4 months to clear out.

    Ive been through probation and it took 4 months to clear.

    Light smokers probably a month or less.

    Buy those cheap testers and test yourself, I had probation tests, seemed accurate.
  7. You should be fine, due to the small amount and restricted time-frame you plan to smoke in (one day out of the month). :)

    But keep in mind....

    There is no single, set amount of time that it takes to get clean, that is 'true' for everyone. Some people continue to test positive for cannabis use with urinalysis, after 90 full days or more of abstaining entirely. This is not a myth or rumor, even besides the few folks I know personally who've had this happen, you can find dozens of similar stories online. It's rare, but it happens.

    Most people however, can clean themselves out in as little as 7 to 30 days after their last puff. But again, we had a member here at GC, just a day or two ago, who failed a test, after he had not smoked for over 30 days.

    Besides body-mechanics, diet, and your level of activity, besides the type of test being performed, and besides your exposure to second-hand smoke which can be accumulatory and make a difference even if you do not catch a buzz, you also need to consider how much you used before you stopped, and how regularly.

    If you've only been smoking a few times a week, or less, and if you don't regularly spend time with others who smoke heavily, you can clean yourself out MUCH faster than a heavier smoker.

    If you start 'blank' (clean) though, and you begin a schedule of only smoking after your test, just one single day out of the entire month, you *should* test clean by the time 29 - 30 days have passed. But again, some people use the same system with weekly/bi-weekly tests successfully, and some require more time. :)

    Even with your schedule, it wouldn't hurt to use an inexpensive 'barrier' method such as pectin.. when used properly, and without combining with the wrong kind of 'detox' aid (you do NOT want to flush your system the day of the test; this results in HIGHER read-outs than you'd produce normally! Flush in the week/s before, then using a barrier is key), and especially if you've been responsible in the days/weeks prior to the test, a few dry oz's of simple pectin mixed in juice or water, can create a temporary barrier or film between your chemical secretions, and your saliva and urine.

    Most people screw up by combining the quote 'detox drinks' made for the day of their drug-tests (which are actually barriers and do not detox your system at all), along with true detox kits, which are actually made for flushing chemicals out and cleansing the body.
    Usually they balance each other out, causing a fail, or the true detox 'wins' resulting in a very highly positive test, and a very sad and confused stoner! :p

    Just want you to be informed... you're better safe, than sorry! :D
  8. Curious - does a failed test mean jail? Yeah, it will probably clear out in a month. If you thought it was hard to quit for a couple of weeks, or if you are a heavy drinker or other substance user, I'd suggest skipping it all together.
  9. I've passed within like 5-7 days. Drinking about 6 or so water bottles a day at least.

    I know multiple people that are/were on court ordered drug tests that smoked like the day of or the day after their test, don't really suggest it tho pretty risky.
  10. I smoke chronic!:smoke:
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  11. It is quite impossible to know.

    To get a good idea, you should base your educated guess on your body type and how much you smoke.

    I am a bit on the heavy side, about 250 pounds, so I have some extra fat molecules that can store THC metabolites. Not only that, but I used to vape(or smoke, doesn't make a difference) around 3-6 times a day, every day. I just quite about 30 days ago. 23 days in, I tested myself and I was positive for THC, even though I had been working out and drinking alot of water, which are actually both quite normal activities for me to be doing. On average, I workout at least 3 times a week, usually on a stationary bike or weight lifting. I also drink a large amount of water everday, which is not usually the case for most people, but I tend to avoid any other beverages, though I will have the occasional hot tea or diet coke. Even with this normal regiment, I still failed after 23 days of abstaining from cannabis. From there, I started intaking a much larger amount of water, especially on the day of the test, the 28th day of abstaining. By diluting my urine, I was able to pass the 50µg (microgram) of THC metabolite per mL (milliliter) detection limit for the drug test.

    I noticed that drinking water 30-50 minutes before the test is the perfect time for you to have to piss. While taking the test, first pee a little into the toilet to rid your urine from any built up metabolites. Take your sample after you start peeing, and then finish urinating in the toilet. Do not worry if your tester pours a blue colored liquid in the toilet, this will just change the sample's color if you are trying to dilute it with toilet water.(Don't do that).

    TL;DR: Drink water instead of other drinks, especially on the day of the test. Workout regularly, and you should be doing that anyways!
  12. i dont have an answer for you, but i can tell you my experience.

    I smoke about 8 joints a day, I was going for a job on the oilrigs and they test.

    i stopped smoking for 39 days before my test, and i failed, but just barely, the point to where they still let me work because it was obvious i didnt smoke anymore or hadnt for quite a while. The lady said if i had waited 45 days i would have been fine.

    take that and use whatever method you want to get the results for urself.
  13. It depends on how much you were smoking/how high your tolerance was when you started a tolerance break.
    If you smoked once with no tolerance I'm sure you wouldn't test positive for THC after 2-3 weeks or even shorter from what I've heard
  14. The quicker you burn the fat, the quicker its out. Exercise, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and take the right vitamins and i can be clean in a week and i smoke 4-5 times a day. Saying that i only weigh a 130 lbs. and have very little body fat which i beileve has alot to do with it.

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