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How long does marijuana withdrawal last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by chodespode, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. I no longer get high / buzzed/ cotton mouth at all no matter how much im smoking.

    so i need a tolerance break, problem is im kinda shitty at taking these breaks because when my body doesnt have weed in it i absolutely can not sleep ( last time i tried to take a day off i went to the gym and ran 2 miles and lifted weights after 8 hours of work and still couldnt sleep at all)

    In fact the last 2 times ive tried to take t breaks ive always quit on the third night because i cant get any sleep.. which really hurts for work the next day..

    I also have an extreme pain in my back which sticks to me like fucking glue unless i toke.. yay!

    The sleeplessness and back pain are both extremely hard to cope with, and im sure my back pain will never leave but does anyone know how long these sleepless nights will last for? or if theres anything to help combat it?

    ive tried pain pills and sleeping pills but nothing works.... seriously when im sober its like ive been doing meth or something the way i cant sleep
  2. marijuana withdrawal does not exist

    most likely you were enjoying the pleasant effects o weed and that was maskin a previous condition...now that you stopped what you are attributing to "withdrawals" is most likely something else

    I cannot find anything saying marijuana has any kind of withdrawal symptoms or tolerance issues as you suggest

    maybe your weed is shitty...when I get to he end of my supply it won't get ne high but a new batch gets me up there
  3. I feel your pain. I started smoking about 15 yrs ago (also being a lortab junkie for about 3 yrs) and the only time ive quit smoking was because i went to jail. It doesnt matter if its grade A dank or schwag i smoke weed like it doesnt have thc in it. Stopped up nose, back pain, trouble sleeping and mood changes i get all of that when i try to take a break, I would rather not try to stop at all but sometimes im broke and cant afford to smoke like i want to. But the answer to your question the withdrawal is worst at 72 hours about the 4th or 5th day you should be feeling better.
  4. *clarification
    you can build a tolerance but it takes a while to build and it is not as severe as with other drugs...
  5. Ill agree with that its in no way as severe as other drugs. its more of an uncomfortable feeling rather than withdrawal, but knowing what it feels like to go thru withdrawal of those pills I can tell you from experience u can go thru withdrawal from weed.

  6. withdrawal is very real for me, as is my tolerance. im not smoking shit, i only buy from a medical dispensary (a well known one in my area too)

    its a very different withdrawl that other "drugs" probably... i mean my back pain isnt from the weed its from my job... the weed helps the pain but when i dont smoke weed the pain is just unbearable now.
  7. the insomnia and irritability should go away in a couple of days.

    take a month or two off from smoking to get your body back into the norm of sober living.

  8. do u find it impossible to get cotton mouth too?

  9. yeah i was thinking a month with some fucking hardcore exercise in the mix also..

    i use to lift weights and do sports and hit the gym everyday

    im gonna eliminate every possible fat cell from my body in my month tolerance break

    i cant fucking wait to get high again..

  10. Good weed is part of my problem ill smoke dank for about 3 or 4 weeks then when my plugs are dry and i have to smoke mids im smoking 2 or 3 blunts just to get to that "level".
  11. you don't have to overdo the exercise part.

    you're body naturally breaks down fat throughout the day and night. within a month/month and a half every trace of THC should be out of your system.

    for the tolerance part, if you've been an everyday smoker for years+, try a 2 month break. you don't NEED weed in your life (unless of course you have a medical condition in which the use of cannabis alleviates one or all of your symptoms in which case, consult your doctor) and you might find that after a month+ of not smoking that its not a big deal anymore and you function normally if not better without it.

    that being said, there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy marijuana in moderation and use it in a responsible matter which little or no ill effects from it.

  12. yeah i did get my license for back pain and insomnia and the weed is incredible in helping with those issues. but i still wanna enjoy the herb and get high.

    i dont wanna get high from anything else except weed because weed is the coolest fucking thing on earth.. hahah nah jk but i hate other drugs because both of my parents did hardcore drugs i just wanna stick to gods great green
  13. many of us unwittingly/unkowingly mask and repress mental illness or dissorders with this herb.


    IT WORKS! for some of us it works for a sustained period of time.:hello:

    for others, it doesnt.:( and we end up looking for the next best thing. this is also true with meds that treat some mental illness. psych doctors have to frequently change their patient's meds, or dosage, because they lose effectiveness.

    if both you gentlemen are in their 20's, i would consider getting yourselves tested or AT LEAST look at what are some of the symptoms of mental illness( NOT what you'd think). not saying you are mentally ill at all. im just saying that it happens and we dont know when its us.

    there are MANY mentally ill people (under treatment or not) on these kinds of boards. the herb is a medicine and it brings us together.
  14. I dont know about mental illness but i have problems in my head lol. I went to prison when i was 17 and ive had other experiences since then that I know have caused problems with my brain. and youre right marijuana makes it all go away thats why i guess im so dependent on it ill be 30 next august.
  15. Xanax... hahaha
  16. discussion of other drugs isn't allowed in the city.

    OP, if you're concerned with your medication (the herb) consult your doctor and discuss other alternatives while you undergo this tbreak.

    if its possible to kind of fight through it for a couple of days, i'd recommended it. see if its possible to over come some or all of the problems your facing without any aid from anything. if you don't think you can, go to your dr and talk with them about it.
  17. I know people say you can't be addicted to weed and you don't get withdrawal, but I've found that you can and you do (if that makes sense!)

    Obv there's no evidence that weed is physically addictive, but I think it's definitely psychologically addictive, and that can be pretty bad too. Don't know about you guys but I can get irritable as fuck when I don't have weed and no way of getting it, and also have the sleeping problem too.

    TBH, OP, I'd suggest having a very small amount a few hours before bed. It'll just take the edge off and allow you to drift off.

    Failing that there's a few different things to help you sleep...from herbs like lavender and hops to over-the-counter sleeping pills. I have sleeping problems myself and know how debilitating insomnia can be. Best of luck with it.
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    If you're using cannabis for back pain and insomnia, then if you don't use it you will have.... back pain and insomnia. :)

    If you still want to get high,without the pain of a t-break, many medical patients find that adding BHO or hash on occasion on top of their regular daily consumption generally does the trick.

    Or you could switch to oral meds (cannacaps) for a while, and avoid smoking for several weeks. The oral route of administration is much different in its effects. You may find you can get symptom relief with a much lower dose.

    According to people I have spoken with who are using Rick Simpson oil, after you adjust to the dose, they no longer get high and they have no desire to smoke. A side effect some people find annoying. There is nothing like talking to people who consume the equivalent of a half an ounce of weed at a time and show not the slightest sign of impairment.
  19. Somehow, weed seems to create more of a certain chemical, and this chemical helps you sleep. Just go to your local pharmacy and buy "Melatonin". It will help you sleep without weed.

  20. yeah i know that lol but the insomnia gets like ten thousand times worse.. i dont expect the back pain to go away nor do i think thats part of the withdrawal.

    but yeah ive tried topping my bowls with kief and hash never got me any closer to getting high though. a t break might be the only way and for some reason im thinking even a month t break wont be long enough, i think i ruined my receptors or something..

    just boggles my mind how all my friends smoke weed everyday and get high but not me, oh well guess im not as lucky as them or something..

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