How long does it take you to fall asleep?

Discussion in 'General' started by drummerdude49, May 18, 2009.

  1. I think about this a good amount so decided to post a thread. Ive asked a bunch of friends this same question. Some people can get into bed and be asleep within a couple minutes, some take 20-30 minutes, I myself take over an hour on average. So my question is, Blades of GC how long on average (sober) does it take you to fall asleep completely? :smoking::confused:
  2. i think i have insomnia.. 2-5 hours a night usuallyy..

    even if im in bed by 11 i wont be asleep till at least 1 unless im xausted
  3. Yeah I feel you. ^ I will get in bed usually around 1.. and just lay and think for a while, trying to get comfortable, and usually fall asleep around 3ish, varies though, reading a book before bed helps you get into a sleepy mood a little bit.
  4. see! haa.. your one of the lucky ones^ I would love to have that ability, it would make life easier.
  5. i like nothing better than a good night sleep:)
  6. it really depends on what's on my mind.

    some days i will fall asleep almost as soon as my head touches the pillow, others i will find myself staring at my clock at 2 in the morning, just thinking about stupid stuff.

    more often than not it takes me about 30 minutes. i like it though because it gives me some time to just sit and think about my day, maybe plan out what i will do the next day.
  7. Depends man. sometimes I'm really tired and sometimes I'm just going to bed to get a good nights sleep. so it varies you know?
  8. i usually go to bed at 4 wake up at 6 for school (i kno horrible...) but i dt feet drowsy in the morning
    But if i try to go to bed on time, it takes up to 3am cuz i usually take a 'man nap' wen i get home at 5 and wake up at 9
  9. about 10 minutes.. unless im smoking schwag all day.. then i'll be laying in bed and get a sudden burst of energy in my legs.. weirdest thing..
  10. It takes me forever to fall asleep. Sometimes, I've sat in bed for 3 or 4 hours until I eventually just get up and stay awake for the rest of the night, and the following day.
  11. 1 to 4 hours, sometimes more.. I'm actually headed for bed right now (it's 02:18AM over here), I hope I fall asleep quickly, cause I've got school tomorrow.
  12. About 3 hours or so, also I havent had a good refreshing sleep in a long time. I love that feeling of waking up feeling all refreshed. :(
  13. 30minutes - 2hours, depending on how tired I am, what's on my mind, etc.
  14. 15-30 mins if i get good exercise, about an hour if not
  15. With a strong indica after a day of exercise and work usually about 3-5 minutes
  16. Even without weed I can usually get to sleep pretty quick...I'd say within 10 minutes.

  17. im always burnt thats why.
    and stay up late.
  18. depends. sometimes 15 minutes sometimes an hour. sometimes never.
  19. i dont even try to go to bed unless im completely exhausted, so it only takes a few mintues after my head hits the pillow, if i tried when i was just "tired" it would take a long ass time, so thats why i usually stay awake until about 3, sometimes later, even though i usually got to get up about 8 am every day.

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