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how long does it take to grow a plant indoors from seed to bud?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by excongray, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. i am a first time grower i have 2 really nice babys that are about 6 inches tall i am just wondering how long it will take from seed to bud i want them to reach there max potental and have a good yeild can anyone tell me please and if ya have any pointers let me know i have them on 24 hours of light i have a 75 watt holgen light on them is that good ?thanks for your time:wave:
  2. I'd check out the Marijuana Growing section, man. Pretty sure they'd give you a spot-on answer.
  3. don't want to burst your bubble but halogen lights do nothing for marijuana plants other then add heat. swap the halogen with cfl or hps and mh if ur rich

  4. i tried the same exact thing ,,my plant didnt make ..

    Im gonna try adding another 75 watt hologen....

    i think i might get a small fan it feel a little hot in my dresser..?

    any input..:confused:
  5. yea get cfls unless your trying to cook your plant
  6. You can't use halogen lights, you need to invest in another light and it should take the plant around two months to be fully grown...as long as you nuture it and it recieves tlc.
  7. ive seen so many threads like this and its just stupid no one knows how long your weed will take differant strains take differant amounts of time. And you wont get anywhere with a halogen light they dont give off enough blue/red light. get sum cfl's or a mh/hps and be patcient

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