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How long does it take to build tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fri89, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. I ask because I never want it to loll,
    Anyways I wonder cause I smoke almost daily.
    I ask because fuuuuuuck I'm stupid high right now.
    I ask because I started smoking in November once every two weeks.
    Then since December I have yoked almost fIldsily. That's supposed to say daily.
    I smoke 2x a day like two days a week.
    I ask because got a scale Monday measured out about what I usually smke and turns out ats about .05 g a day. So I got a cape Monday, the vapor genie.
    And I smokevape a .07 to .1 bowl over two nights. I loaded up a .11 bowl yesterday. Vapid a lil. Was high for hour or two. Then got blown last night off that too. For three hours. Now I'm fuckkkkkked off that same bowl. I got taco bell two tacos fivelayerburritoandaloadedoopoytatoburriotiogriller.
    Like I'm stupid fucking high omg and it was probably .04g I cape ATM
    Srry for wtfwalloftext and bad trekker.
  2. Edit:I have hot cheats on all the taco bell stuff
  3. Once you build up your tolerance, you'll also build up maturity as well as not looking like a fool.
  4. Yeah, I rather like my late stoner self better than my old. I've been toking daily for about two years straight, with few one week breaks. Maybe 4. I usually get baked as heck still, but in summer it is usually worse and it takes more.
  5. I usually build tolerance to a specific strain I'm smoking like f I buy a quarter- half way through itl take a but more to get me where I want to be an by the end the effects dot ware off but are considerably less
  6. Also only smoke a gram a day sometimes only .5 so it should build up 2 quickly lol n ur tolerance will build up if u like smoke a eighth a day n ur still not high lol
  7. It only takes one hit.

    And then you die.


    No I'm just fucking with ya lol.
  8. Yeah i smoke less frequently than that and have noticed a bit of a tolerance developing:(. I've done it 2-4 times a week for the past month and noticed that it takes more weed to get me high. I'm still a lightweight but I've gone from 3 hits getting me fucked up for 2 hours, to the same amount getting me sort of high for 1 hour. Tolerance is real bro
  9. Best way to build your tolerance is to smoke concentrates such as BHO, Full melt, QWISO and pretty much all types of hash. If you want to keep your tolerance low, dabbing is definetly not an option.
  10. you will never have a problem with tolerance if you have a good sleeping pattern.
    forget tolerance, dont even worry - sleep right and you will be good for a life time.
  11. For me it's a week. I could be smoking some o that "one hit wonder" and towards about a week it still get's me high, but just not as great of a high.

  12. pretty much the exact same as me
  13. The time it takes depends on how much you smoke. In 2 months I went from smoking like .5 a day to 2 grams.

  14. I agree, I think anyone who has a real tolerence to weed is generally a pretty mature person, even when sober. I know I was blazed in my first days of smoking. But you can't even type correctly off .1 in a vape? If that was gods weed himself I wouldn't get that high off .1g

  15. Well I like to believe the weed I have is quite good. I live in eastern wa.

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