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How long does it take for you to....?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by piggypablo, May 27, 2010.

  1. High, how long does it take for you to smoke a bowl solo? and then how long does it take until you get high?
    the other night I packed a bowl and smoked the whole thing by myself for the first time. I finished it in about 10 minutes and I was coming up around 5 minutes. idk if it was a placebo effect or not. I was really up there, having abstract thoughts that I can't remember atm, and having closed eye visuals has anyone else experienced this?
  2. It depends, but if I want to get high I'll just take a personal joint to the face or basically snap 3-4 pipe bowls. I get high pretty quick, I guess, so I notice it after the first few puffs usually.
  3. depends on how and where i'm smoking.. but usually 5 - 15 min per bowl.. I'm feelin it after the first bowl.. end of the second i'm high.. smoking mids that is.. smoking exotics I'm usually high as a MF after the first bowl
  4. The other day I sparked up a bowl of some dank I got, all by my lonesome. Took me about 10 minutes to get through the bowl, and I was wondering about how long it would take to hit, then I stood up and walked over to the sink and suddenly realized that I had no idea how I got into my basement, or why I was down there. So like thirty seconds haha.
  5. I usually take bowl packs in about in about 2 minutes. I only smoke high quality stuff too. I never really thought about how long it took to hit me ill have to check it out. But what i think happened to you is you just smoked more than you normally do and it just got you super stoned.
  6. I agree with the above post about you getting super stoned. Personally if its just myself ill smoke slowly. Space my hits out apart from each other. Im usually puffin that good so those single hits will put me at a decent level, and then spacing them out will ultimately make them last longer:bongin:
  7. if im smoking punchers (or snappers, or what ever you want to call them) solo then like 3-5 could last me any where from 5-15 minutes to an hour. but if im just smoking one big bowl to my face it takes like 5 minutes.

    because when im smoking punchers i like to spark one when i think i should. so ill throw on some beats and when a dope lyric or beat plays ill smoke a puncher.

    or if i just want to get high ill take like 2 punchers in one lung. hashbean420 shit, but half intence.
  8. I can't even finish a bowl before I lose feelings in my extremities...
    I've only been smoking seriously for about a month, been smoking recreationally since Septemeber.
  9. If I'm by myself I space it out over like 15mins, light a corner ever 5 mins tills its cached. One bowl of high mids gets me high. A quarter of a bowl of headies gets me lit.

    For me, the high creeps up on me within like 5 minutes, anything I smoke is like that.
  10. i smoke alone in my bathroom because its easiest for me to air out and theres a mirror in there so after i take a big hit after a few smaller ones i look at myself and say "oh damn im gunna get high :)" just from this spacy feeling i get right away
  11. Depends on what your smoking. Mids- after one bowl I feel good after 2 Im perfect (by myself). But for example, my buddy got ahold of White Widdow and 1 hit from the vape and I was good to go (ofcourse I took a couple more though :D)
  12. I usually finish a bowl in 6 hits, and I usually only smoke 1 bowl per session.

    I'm usually in a rush to finish the bowl, so I only spend maybe 10 seconds max inbetween hits.
  13. I'll usually break up between half a g and a g and sit and chill while I pack many small bowls. takes 10-30 minutes depending on what distractions I have and I get sufficiently high about halfway through
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    What's up with "to my face?" Are there people that smoke with other regions of their body?

    I suppose instead of just being a dick I should answer the question. I smoke about a bowl a night, and that's five or six big hits. Start with a couple, and then another whenever I feel like I'm starting down. I started smoking again almost exactly a year ago and smoked every night. Tolerance built, but slowly.

    However, I just quit for three weeks and just now took my first toke. Three weeks is a significant T break it turns out. I'll be saving on weed for a while :)
  15. Solo bowl is can take me between 10mins-2 hours. On average it will take me 2 hrs to finish a bowl.
    Takes me 1 hit to feel better, wait 5mins take another hit to get lifted.
    then another hit every half hour.

    and take me 3 days to finish an 8th, I smoke 2-3 bowls a day.

    and I smoke mids.
  16. I just smoked some really(surprisingly) good mids out of my homemade Sprite bottle piece (got a glass piece coming soon!). This was a salad bowl too, so it was pretty big. I kicked this bowl within two minutes, and it's been like 5 or 10 and I am on the fucking moon. Watching a Scanner Darkly right now. :D
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    I'll torch a bowl and I'll feel lifted for a good while.

    I'll only have three or four bowls throughout a single day however.
  18. Even though I'm still a light weight smoker after 30 years of smoking, 1-2 hits gets me high and a bowl lasts 3-4 hours. An ounce would last more than a month, but not quite 2. The stuff I've been hitting for the past 6.5 years is pretty strong. 15-18% THC.
  19. i like to take it slow-mo. one or two sloooooow hits with some chill music on, wait for maybe 30 seconds and continue. maybe its a long drawn out unnecessary process but weed tastes amazing. theres no better feeling than you having all the time in the world to get stoned and you have more control over how high you get. as for the effects of the actual smoke i feel it usually almost instantly. depends on the weed though
  20. Takes about 1 minute for me to smoke a bowl and get high really. Grind weed, pack bowl, smoke bowl, pack bowl, smoke bowl, high.

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