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how long does it take for you to start feeling it ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JS8672, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. approx how long ?
  2. 3-10 mins to feel the glorious effects.
  3. To be honest, it depends on the weed, and how you do it.

    Usually I start feeling not-sober 10-15 minutes after I start smoking.
  4. deffinently depends on the strain and your method. if i take pipe hits it takes way longer to kick but if i load up a .7 - .8 bong lug i will start to feel it right away then it gets better n better. God Damn i love weed!
  5. blunts- 10-15 minuters, bowl/pipe 10 or so, bong-5 minutes if it ripps good
  6. Damn it takes you guys forever to feel the effects...

    Sometimes you will get high instantly, especially if you hit some dank out of a good bong or bubbler. Sometimes it can take 5 mins or so for it to come into full effect but you will feel a little better with each hit. Waiting 10 mins to feel your high is not the average and may have to do with high tolerance levels, but I've smoked every day for over a year and I still get high really fast, as do most people I know, even some who have smoked for years.
  7. By the time im about 1/3rd into a joint i can feel it a little.
    So thats like 3-4 minutes average

    But the high keeps rising.. even after the joint is finished.
    So id say about 15-20 minutes until peak of the high is reached.

    Different with bongs and blunts.
  8. 3 - 20 minutes???

    man I feel it before I've exhaled that first toke! I'm letting it out slowly I feel a tingle
    start to spread all over my body, then I start grinning like an idiot :D

    I start to feel it 30 seconds after I first light up.
  9. if its a monstrous blunt on the scene then sure ill probly feel it as im exhaling the first toke..

    but a casual jay.. takes a few minutes :rolleyes:
  10. That depends on what I'm smoking, and what I'm using to smoke it. When I smoke headies, I usually start to feel it after 1-3 minutes. If I smoke beasters, it usually takes 5-8 minutes, cause the beasters around here are "creeper" buds.
  11. usually im sitting down when i smoke. once i stand up it hits me like a mother fucker
  12. That feeling you have on your first hit before you exhale might be lack of oxygen.

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