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How long does it take for weed to dry out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by thejesterjester, May 4, 2009.

  1. #1 thejesterjester, May 4, 2009
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    I got a half o about a month ago and I still have an 8th left. How long does weed take to dry out? Should I be worried about it getting to dry?
  2. still pretty smokable, see how it feels. Cure it for a few hours if anything.
  3. if you're concerned with the moisture content of your marijuana, place it in a baggy/jar/stash container with a piece of lettuce no larger than the palm of your hand. leave it in the closed container for roughly 2 hours and then smoke that shit.

    if you're NOT concerned with the moisture content of your marijuana,
  4. haha im just gonna smoke that shit
  5. just smoke it...the fire will dry it out ;)
  6. as long as it was sealed good it will be fine. I have had stuff sealed up before for 4 months and it still got me as high as when i first baught it. ( I like to save a little from each of my buys for special occasions.)
  7. Just keep it in a vaccum sealed jar like a mason jar. If it's appropriately sized for the bud it contains it'll keep it fresh for a long time if kept in a dark relatively cool place.
  8. mY daughter smokes weed alot and as long as she is safe i trust her 100%
    there R 0 people per year that od on weed so why should i worry
  9. your funny and write
  10. What the fuck does this have to do with the OP?! haha as long as your bud is in a cool, dark place and a airtight container, it will stay potent, but might get a bit drier. I personally like my buds crispy and dried out a bit ;)
  11. i like mine kind of dry too. easy to break up.
  12. even if it was dried out it would still be smokeable and thc level would still be high on it
  13. i keep my green in a baggy, there is a little less than a quarter... is that okay?
  14. man theres prolly more crystals on the bud now then when you got it!
  15. Why would you won't to buy weed that's wet you are only going to loose weight
  16. i have smoked 1 year old weed that was just in a ziplock bag at room temp.

    i have smoked stuff i totally forgot about for months that was in a place that cools/heats on a regular basis..

    i have smoked stuff from the freezer...

    i have smoked stuff newly cured...

    each time... i still got fucking high... just enjoy :)
  17. just use an airtight glass container, wrap the weed in a plastic bag, place in a cool dark place, and avoid opening excessively. you should be fine, I've had stuff stay that way for months with no problem

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