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how long does it take for buds to start growing ?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by krn smoke, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. ^^^ thanks in advance
  2. You got a lotta questions, you should really read some grow guides or some grow journals to see what other people do. Buds start growing after you've put your plant into a 12/12 light schedule. Of course it has to be a female plant. You'll know this a week or two into 12/12, no sooner. They take around 8 weeks on average.
  3. If you put your plant in 36 hours of darkness before you put it to 12/12 you be able to determine the sex faster... and bud grow can vary plant to plant, this is determined by the types of lights, soil, pot size, ferts, and also what type of strain the weed is.. Good luck with your grow..
  4. That is assuming it is an indoor grow.

    Outdoors buds will start to appear when the plant notices the days are getting shorter. Mine start to flower early August.
  5. ok i had a few plants as i have said before that was outside for a little over a month supposely flowering, i mean i had it in flowering hours anyway but there is a chance that it could have been messed up by street lights not positive though, but anyway i brought them in a few days ago and it seemed like it had like 2 hairs on each of the plants and then like over night it had hairs coming out of almost all the internodes, is this normal? and i assume they are female since i haven't yet seen any balls? so does anyone think this plant is just now flowering or has it been flowering the whole time it was outside too? i basically just want to have a rough estimate of how long it will take to actually form buds? i mean i really don't even know how the whole bud process goes i know it bust out hairs everywhere then what do they do? do they wrap each other up, or wrap the leaves up to form buds? and usually how long does this take to form say under a 250w hps with just 2 plants? just curious to how it all works, so i'll know what to expect? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  6. Buds, are exactly what they are, they are the flowering buds of the plants. If you were growing tomato's you would start seeing them forming on the ends of branches.
    Buds grow in a similar way, after the white hairs show, you should see buds forming on the ends of your newest growth...probably takes about another week or so to start seeing a formed bud.
  7. hey thanks for the reply...but does anyone know if this plant has been flowering or not while it was outside? or should i just count it as flowering right now? also so it buds from the growth tips, is that the only place that it buds from? are you talking about only the very top growth tip of each internode growth, or is it on all the growth tips on each internode growth? so each internode growth will be buds only right? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  8. Yes, it has been flowering. I suggest throwing it out a window, as it isn't any good once it's started flowering outside, and jumping out after it.
  9. I've recently done some tangerine dream. That thing started popping buds in 3 weeks...

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