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how long does it take 2 pass a mouth swab test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by To High 2 Fly, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. how long does it take 2 pass a mouth swab test
  2. i heard something like 48 hours
  3. Just don't smoke for a week and you will be good
  4. Narc that I know told me if you swish your mouth with peroxide beforehand, it 100% beats the test. Keep it in your car if he decides to swab or take it before your test
  5. I passed a swab test for a job 10 days after not smoking. From what i've read it only detects weed from like the past 72 hours max

  6. it's not a good idea to put something like Peroxide in your mouth
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    its actually fine if you just swish and spit it out, then rinse with some water. keep a small bottle of perox in your car, and you're set
  8. Actually peroxide helps clean your teeth and whitens them.


    The swab test is only good for 48hrs. at most. Dont worry about swab tests.

    Worry about piss tests.
  9. Yeah but what he was saying was officers may start administering swab tests on site and this beats it every time. =]
  10. Do you even know what peroxide is...? :|
  11. Im a bigger guy and I quit smoking for 5 days before the test and still failed, So to be safe I would give it about a week if you are over 200 pounds. I brushed my teeth and gums like 4 times a day, But luckily I had a chill ass boss that still gave me the job, haha
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    Brushing your teeth with peroxide is one of the ways to whiten ur teeth, and it will sure as hell kill all the germs... U just cant swallow it like any other flouride or mouthwash

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