How long does iso take to evap and purge

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  1. I filled a pyrex dish to get some reclaim out of my rig, by accident I used a fucking lot of iso. So im wonding how long it takes to fully evap, and how do I know when theres nothing left to purge? I don't feel like dabbing iso but its my only choice.
  2. Throw it in the oven at around 170 degrees till it all evaporates out. You can cook the reclaim into some coconut oil at 200ish degrees for an hour and then eat it if you don't want to dab.

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  3. Hey thanks man! Can I throw it in there no matter how much iso is inside the dish? Or should I let it evap for a day? The last thing I want is a fire.
  4. I ran it under a heater until it mostly all evaporated out but I see no reason why it can't go in the oven. But the alcohol will evaporate into the air so make sure you have some good ventilation

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  5. I like to vac mine, whip it ferociously until the bubbles settle and repeat the process over and over. cleanest way to do it IME.
    Purge that shit at like 250F for a few hours at least
  6. My iso has been sitting in a pyrex for 15 hours now and I haven't noticed any evaporation. Its starting to piss me off a bit. If I put it in the oven uncovered is there any chance of a fire?
  7. is it just sitting at room temp? put it on a griddle at like 200F
  8. Im abit late im guessin but next time if you don't want any risk of a fire try using a hair dryer only takes about 30-60 mins depending on how much iso there is .
  9. I realized my problem was too much iso, and leaving it in my closet at room temp didnt help either. The double boiler and fan method worked pretty well though

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