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  1. im growing a sativa, indoor. im wondering how long it will take from the day u plant it, until its ready to harvest. also how long should i leave it on 24/0, my plant is 14 days old.
  2. how long it takes is up to you, personally i want a small plant so i am goin to flower it after it has 3 well established leaf sets and is about 5-7 in tall, this is the earliest you can flower your plant but you can veg it longer if you want a bigger plant. flowering gereally takes anywhere from 5-9 weeks so add that to whenever you stop your veg cycle. you can leave it on that cycle until it is read to flower
  3. Growing indoors starting from the seed sprouting to harvest, about 85 days, depending on the size of the plant.

    What kind of lights are you using? If you're using cheap CFL's i would suggest starting the flowering cyle at about day 16 or when the plant is about 4 inches high, if you let it grow any taller CFLs won't be a enough to provide sufficient lighting.
  4. Well my current plant was just over 2 months old showing strong signs of being female over most of the plant i changed it to 12/12 3 or 4 days of that and it was flowering nearly finished the first week of flowering and expect flowering to last 8-12 weeks.

    Its worth it this was my first plant im already planning on buying a good setup for my closet and letting the next lot of plants veg more and get a little bigger.

    i guess you could put the plant into flowering after 6 weeks maybe even quicker then that wouldnt expect much of a yield tho.
  5. dude, you need to find your way to the absolute beginners forums.
  6. If you grow in coco fiber instead of soil you can veg. for 3-4 weeks and yield a respectable amount. my last grow i vegged for 30 days from seed and the plants were bushy and over 20 inches at 30 days.....they yielded approx. 1.5 ounces dry per plant upon harvest....

    my medium was coco plus worm castings and the growth was twice as fast as soil.

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