how long does grasscity take to ship?

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  1. I just ordered a bong from them last night. It said 7-21 business days. I figure thats about how long its gona take......

  2. Get a diamond or carbide tipped drill bit. Get one of those big cylindrical water bottles, or something else that can be used as a bong. Drill into side, insert rubber grommet, and push and glass downstem through that. then you'd have a glass on glass on rubber bong, much better than smoking out of plastic, and it's pretty cheap assuming you have a drill. If you need more information, I'm sure you could find some of YouTube or Google
  3. ^do that for sure.
  4. I ordered a one hitter, a plastic grinder with a screen, and a pill bottle key chain. 1 to 100, how concerned should i be that customs is going to trash the order?
  5. [quote name='"headie shot"']I ordered a one hitter, a plastic grinder with a screen, and a pill bottle key chain. 1 to 100, how concerned should i be that customs is going to trash the order?[/quote]

    You should be fine. When I ordered a pipe from GC they even put glass pipe on the box. Which is how I got busted by my parentals :( but it made it through customs lol.
  6. i orderd 12 days ago it took 4 days in pre shipping and now it in customs at country of delievery but its been their for like 3 days and its coming to Pa so i guess it all depends.
  7. sorry, didnt want to start a new thread. does anybody know how long it takes for gc to ship to virginia? i ordered it on the 5th.
  8. I'm in Florida, it took about 2 weeks for me to get my order.....
  9. What about MA?
  10. Anybody know how long it would take to get to Raleigh NC
  11. I've read anywhere from a few days to months. I ordered a mini bong like a year ago and it took I think 2 months. I completely forgot about it by the time it got here so it was a nice surprise :p
  12. Mass dog? Were you at man?
  13. live in TX placed order 4-18-13 got order today, 4-29-13..Very pleased[​IMG]
  14. Did you order from the US or from Amsterdam? Also standard shipping or registered? This information would help me a lot!
  15. Ordered from Amsterdam..standard shipping. In my experience, registered takes much longer.
  16. how long would it take to get to utah?
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    in my experienced with grass city on average it takes upto 3 months shipping for anything over seas with a risk of customs snagging it the pieces that say made in USA or anything along those lines usually only take a few weeks most stuff on gc comes from Amsterdam but they have greatly increased the stock in the us order for pipes made in the us shouldn't be snagged by any sort of customs
    just realized how old this thread is but new guy there you have it
  18. Thanks man
  19. This is an old thread but I ordered a vape pen and it came from NJ and will be here in like 3 days standard shipping but I got a tracking. Great service. Netherlands hits Chicago ISC and compared to NY ISC it's a lifetime to get thru those customs. I order thru the UK takes 7 days each time. NY ISC is fast but my pen is coming from the states
  20. I ordered my Micro bubbler last week on Friday. I hope it doesn't take that long for me :(

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