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how long does grasscity take to ship?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by folied, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. ordered a bong off here. live in new york when can I expect it to ship/be here? is the packaging discreet?
  2. 6-8 months.
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  3. Where did you get this number????
    that is a complete lie as far as i have heard, the longest i heard was 6-8 weeks, only because customs isd a bitch in the USofA
  4. Yea I heard its really discreet, mentions nothing about marijuana or anything relating to it. I never ordered from here so I can't tell you when you should be getting it.
  5. Grass City ships from within the USA for all pipes. It was extremly fast took 4 days and was in a plain white box. I think the box said GC on it. The only thing i didnt like was it showed up on the CC statement as Amsterdam. I have no problem ordering things that are not illegal on my CC, if they come a knockin for that then they want me for something else.
  6. No, im pretty sure they ship from amsterdam....
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  7. They wouldn't come knocking. The only thing that customs will do if they do happen to go through your package is trash whatever you had it in (unless were talking seeds, things can go differently in that case) and then send you a letter to scare you. Theirs costs are far to much to actually prosecute someone for something as a little as a glass pipe.

    Anyways, onto the OP's question, at the longest, it shouldn't take more then 6-8 weeks.
  8. They can't confiscate your perfectly legal Tobacco pipe.....

  9. Depending on the state it's going to they can. You forget, it's the government, they don't need a logical reason to confiscate anything, lol.
  10. can they confiscate my bong going into new york.. that would suck. its not even my credit card its my dads. he let me use it to order my bong bc i dont have one of my own
  11. dont worry you will be fine. a couple of weeks ago i ordered a bong from grass city and it took 4 days to get to my house. i live in New Jersey btw. and customs wont do anything except mark the box with a sticker that says the contents. such as tobaco pipe.
  12. anybody know about how long for illinois? im thinkin bout buyin a bong :] wha would be the average time?
  13. Read the shipping info
  14. its taken 12 days and still no bong for me..
  15. Ay im at louisville, kentucky..does anyone know how long it would take it to ship here?:smoke:
  16. I ordered from EDIT and got it within 8 days
  17. i had waited a week already an my bong hasn't came . how long do you think it go in to take to be ship to Virginia .
  18. It took 3 weeks for me...I live in MD

    Some items do ship from within the USA
  19. ok thank"s
  20. 20 days now and my bowl and scale still hasent got here yet

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