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how long does flowering take

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by damoose22, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. :wave: im relativeley new to this so i dont now how long i should ecpect it tot take to fully flower.

    P.S. any methods of speeding up the procces
  2. Depends on your setup, strain, and how much you are wanting to achieve.
    From start to finish I tell people roughly 5 months, but this varies.
  3. how much would 1 or 2 months of flowering produce roughly? im sure someones done it before....
  4. are you growing indoors or outdoors??
    As that will increase or decrease the times
  5. It depends on the type you are growing. They vary from strain to strain and most breeders or seedbanks publish an appox. finishing time. Expect indicas to finish in about 7-8 weeks and sativas can finish anywhere from 9-12 weeks depending on the variety.
  6. depends on the strain and if your doing indoors/outdoors. also is it soil or hydro ?
  7. This was posted in the indoor section everybody so let's assume he's growing indoors.

  8. lol,:)
    yeh just noticed that......

    least someones got there brain in gear;)

    ahhhhhhhh the power of Herb....luv it:D:smoke:
  9. yea indoors, bagseed, their like 1 foot tall now, 1.5 months old.....
  10. Depends what kinda bud u want, u have to look at the trichomes under magnification, as soon as there cloudy slightly amber harvest if u want a heady high, allow more amber (more cbd) if u want a more couch potato stoned. Different strains take different times for this, if u harvest too early or too late your sacrificing quality, impossible to say without a strain i would say your looking at anwhere from 7 - 12 weeks needed. This is from what ive gathered reading, if any1 with more knowledge on the matter would clarify/reject ? Good luck
  11. im planting in soil:wave:
  12. I grow in soil and usually take about 10 to 12 weeks to finish flowering. My strains are all indica.

    I don't think you would get much from 4 weeks of flowering. And I don't count the time it takes for the plant to switch over from veg to flower stage (for me about 8 to 12 days).

    I am about to flip the lights on my grow and I expect to be chopping the last week of July.

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