How long do you think this war will go on?

Discussion in 'General' started by GeoTokeR, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. With the way things are going right now, how long do you predict that we'll be fighting a mass war on terrorism?

    Im asking this because ive been thinking for some time about joining Blackwater or even the US Army. I wouldnt want to go into the forces to get extensive trained or bullshit around. To put it simple, i want to fight. I dont care anymore. Im sick of being bullshitted around. I just want to go experience war time batle. I have calm nerves and a steady arm, so it doesnt phase me that much. I know i havnt faced the ugly face of war, but ive been in simular situations. Kill or Be Killed. Thank god it didnt go down like that, but i still faced it head on.

    So, any thoughts on how long you think this war is gunna go on? Or opinions on my thoughts for the future?
  2. Hope you know it isn't a video game, u get shot your arm/leg gets cut off or you'll die and be dead forever. You'll make friends and might watch them get killed or die slowly from an IED explosion. I think the war in Iraq and Afghanistan will go till Bush gets out of office. I don't know if I reccomend you going in the army or not.
  3. It seems to me like your picking the wrong reasons to do military service. Go play paintball if you have some rambo-angst.

    I think this war will go on until it's over.
  4. Im not afraid to die lol Really, and i dont play video games. I dont even watch army movies that much. I know the real life shit. I might get my brains blown out with the same bullet that just went through my buddies head. Shit happens, ill live or die. It doenst really matter.

    I have played paintball back about 5 years about and kicked major ass at it. I stoped playing because i didnt find it fun anymore. Too easy? something like that.

    Just to clear some things up, this isnt just me having some "I just watched Apocolipse Now and I wanna kill someone!!" thing. I know what might happen and how horribal it would be, but im willing to take the chance. Im not looking for Glory or something heroic to happen. I just want the experience that war time would give me.
  5. The main problem with going into war just because you want to fight is that it makes you a terrible person. Your war time experiences are not worth other peoples lives. Try explaining to a crying child that you killed his family because you wanted some new experiences. Life isnt really kill or be killed. I guarantee that if you dont kill an Iraqi they wont kill you either. If you really want to go to war you should at least find a semi-just one to be in. Go defend the Africans from the militias or something.

    But to answer the question, this war will go on for decades in some form. There was not much of a threat until we went to Iraq and inspired a new generation of anti-western Iraqi terrorists. We are going to need to be there for a long time to defend ourselves against the threat that we created.
  6. Because is no reason to go to war.

    It'll take another 20-50 years for America to gain financial control over the Middle East. The coming wars in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia should ensure that.
  7. Call me what you wish. Im a brutal mother fucker, i know.

    Let me hear it. Dont hold back.
  8. geo -toker,,,, its great you would fight,,,, most people would run,

    this aint our war,,, i voted for bush, i was down for it at first,,,, but its time we leave,, its time for the afgans, and iraqis to fend for thereselfs,,,

    we liberated them,,, now we are babysitting them,,,, and that aint our place,,,

    the war will end in 08,,, when a dem. takes office,,,, im a libetarian,,,, but its innevitable a dem. is gonna come out on top in 08.

    dont join,,, why fight someone-elses battle,,, i was in the military 87-91,,,

    this aint our fight,,, just drop this idea,,, if we get attacked by '' A COUNTRY'' and we know that country did it,,, then yeah,,,, do what you think is right,,,, and i'll be right there beside you,,,,

    the u.s. is like a big babysitter to the world,,,,, dont become a ''NANNY''

    it's not your time,,, please drop this idea, when the times right,, it's nice to know youll be,,'' one of the few, and the proud'' but now aint the time.:cool:

  9. "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - The author escapes me, and im not entirely sure thats the exact wording, but you get the point.
  10. Our gauranteed service contract with the King of Saudi Arabia is up on 1-20-09. The war will not end then but will be called by its true name, which is "billable hours".
  11. all your life
  12. Neither am I; doesn't mean I'm gung-ho to go kill people.

    Well some popular media has inspired you to want to experience this. I can see no other explanation for this urge. Deny it all you like.

    Really? Then why do you wish to experience it?

    War is delightful to those who have not experienced it
    Desiderius Erasmus
    You're much more likely to die if you're in combat.

    If you're not using your life, then why not commit it to a purpose of good, something that is constructive and can benefit others, instead of destroy?

    Why though? Your reasoning seems flawed, impartial or just plain ludacris.

    Then go watch some war documentaries, your wish to experience it is obviously not one of safe mind.

    I recommend you got visit a psychiatrist, because I think you have some emotional issues if this is your real reasoning behind it.

    Why would you wish to experience something so awful? Go do some volunteer work in war-torn Africa if you want to experience pain and loss. Go to a gun range if you want to shoot off some rounds.

    There is a quote from a Vietnam documentary, and I'm sure I'm butchering it, but it went something like this, from a Vietnam veteran;

    "War is not a game. It's not a good thing, it's awful and it's real. Anybody who has ever seen it never wants to see it again."

    Seriously, you want an impression of what war is like? Go talk to some veterans. It's horrific beyond your imagination.

    Too much testosterone.

    Seriously, I'm a person who is going to be signing up for the Canadian Forces Reserves very shortly. If you're going to commit your life to a cause, make sure you have a damn good reason.

    Do something constructive with your life if you're bored.

    DirtyApe should weigh in on this one.
  13. Rasta, i knew you were going to pick apart what i said and i respect you for that. Most people wouldnt/couldnt.

    You dont have to understand my reasoning. I do have valid reasoning but i wish not to elaborate on it. Very personal information which i wish not to share publicly online. Maybe if i knew you and we were chillin having a drink or something id share. But its not like that so i wish not to.

    I understand that with the information which ive givin, your all going to think im some war mongering asshole. So i will not -rep or say anything back to your comments but just try to understand that i do have a reason. Im a good person and would never take another life without reason.


    P.S Keep in consideration that im just THINKING about it lol No papers signed yet.
  14. Not any time soon will it be ending, that's for sure.
  15. If I felt strongly about the war, which I don't I would fight. I've seen my cousins and friends go to war, classmates, and most go to fight a war they don't believe in, but they want to protect our country.

    If I felt passionately about something we declared war on, you could bet me in for some kick ass death scenes, just got done watching 300, I'd love to fight that way :D

    But because we declare war on everything from poverty, to anyone who looks funny at us, this war, I believe is gunna make Vietnam look like that was actually worth fighting for.

    It's already been like 6 years now, we've gotten nowhere, and God help us all if the next president thinks we should stay. Hence the reason no one should vote for Obama, he wants to throw more of our loved ones around other countries, including more in the places our troops already are fighting in.
  16. I do believe Plato is the man you're after here :)
  17. youve done missed all the killin,,, if thats what your intrested in ?

    you say your reasons are personal ? i take it you have a vandetta, a score to settle ?

    then i guess now would be a good time to join,,because the real war is getting ready to start,,,

    iraq and afganistan,, were just a starting point,,, iran is next, or 5 other nations,

    either way, the real fight aint even started, i've done my time,,, and i wish you luck, on your quest,,, just know this,,,
    if it moves and bullets are flying around you,,,, kill it,

    have no consious, shoot first and look later,,,, there are no innocents on the battle field,,, i should just delete this whole post,,,,

    just know this, your life is going to be scarred, war and killing,,, effects you for the rest of your life,,,,

    i was in the early stages of the first gulf war, being stationed in germany,,, we were the first '' out'',,,, the fight then was lame,,, the enemy was waving white flags and shit,,,, but not this time,,,,

    if your going to do it,, go in as a 11b, a infantryman,,, a killer, and dont look back, live each day as if it's your last,,,,

    i still say dont do it,,, it's a fight that aint ours,,, it's over oil, and many other things,,,, im gonna send this post as stupid as it may sound,,,,

    maybe some sense will come to you,,, dont do it,,,but if you must,,

    have no mercy,,, mercy will get you killed,,, hesitation, will get you killed,
    kindness will get you killed,fatige will get you killed, you get the point,
  18. the next war will be the fast approaching revolution. Truth can only be in silence for so long. The veil will begin to uncover and the billions of people will realize they've been conditioned a lie their entire lives.
  19. you're nuts if you think we'd ever go to war with Saudi Arabia.
  20. We were once "friends" with Saddam Hussein... look how that relationship turned out. They might very well end up helping along with the assimilation of the Middle East into the World Union after we're done in Iran and Syria, if not we will put into power leaders who will. We're done with the charade of diplomacy.

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