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How long do you think it takes to become a seasoned stoner

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Avatar, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    what do you think it is. The age? The usage? The knoledge? The amount of fancy pieces? Personally i have just a small bowl. it rips like a champ but because i dont have every apparatus known to man does that exempt me or some body else like me from being considered a season stoner? give me what you think the requirements for being a seasoned toker are.:smoke:
  2. time makes you a seasoned smoker...:confused:
  3. It's experience. But experience comes with time. And time comes with alot of pieces and stories.
  4. Ya man all of those are factors time, age, how much you smoke, and how much you know. Let me start out with some of the basics of a seasoned toker. A seasoned toker is very kind, generous, and giving. A seasoned toker never disrespects a new toker but yet encourages them. A seasoned toker is smart about smoking and doesn't let others know they smoke weed that do not approve of it. A seasoned toker is always keeping everyone entertained in the circle and always has good stories to tell about previous experiences. A seasoned toker knows their weed, what they like, favorite strains, ect. A seasoned toker probably smokes every day. A seasoned toker knows your life does not revolve around pot, pot revolves around your life. A seasoned toker knows their values are much more important then a plant. A seasoned toker knows that you need to get your priorities straight before you smoke. A seasoned toker probably knows the basics of growing cannabis. A seasoned toker can get into a debate with someone who is anti-marijuana and leave them speachless. A seasoned toker has probably smoked for about 7-10 years minimum. But most of all a seasoned toker is there to give the new smokers the knowledge of the plant and how not to let it control your life. I hope that helps lol but ya man thats what I think a "seasoned toker" is. Peace.
  5. that sounds good to me.:hello:
  6. +rep for a great explanation DKro.
    Seaoned tokers are just really grown up apprentices. it all comes with time.
  7. As long as it takes to do that ^
  8. Haha, also, a "seasoned toker" probably isn't worried about whether or not he or she is a "seasoned toker" or not.
  9. #9 BrizzlyBear, Jun 3, 2009
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    Don't worry about how experienced or inexperienced you are. Just gain all of the knowledge you can about cannabis, enjoy your highs, be responsible, have good times with good friends, and collect some fine glass :cool:

    If you want a answer that's more easily recognizable though. I think I considered myself atleast somewhat seasoned when I reached the point that I realized that I knew my shit about smoking. Also, when I grew out of the "let's go hotbox my car" phase and the "homemade bong" phase, I got into glass collecting and realized that it's not about how fucked up you are, it's about enjoying your high.
  10. It just happens over time and one day youll be like "wow... Ive come a long way" then you know your pretty seasoned
  11. thanks bro fasho +rep for bein a pimp.

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