How long do you last

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  1. Guys this is a question for us only for obvious reasons, I'm not even going to make a poll because it would be too difficult

    anyway, the last 2 times i've had sex i lasted about 20 minutes, and the last time i got head i lasted 35 minutes (but she was horrible at it)
  2. depends on condoms/no condoms. . . blood alcohol level. . . and how turned on i am

    ive busted the first one off in as little as three

    and sometimes its never came at all
  3. oh yeah should probably add that i last alot longer when i'm stoned. i'll be lucky if i can get it up if i'm drunk
  4. It all depends on the time and place of a situation.
  5. from like 1 in a half minutes to about 30. I admit, I'm not a distance guy, but I go hard lol.

  6. Im a pentathlete

    or however its pronounced
  7. anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how fucked up i am
  8. i mean i have a girlfriend, and we're always high, id say at least an hour every time, or she would be very pissed, and besides i have no problem banging her all night, licking her tits, and eating her.
  9. It depends.

    I can control it pretty well. Anywhere from 15-80 minutes.
  10. wait. why does this gotta be a guys only thread?

    i can answer this question too --

    as long as it's still hard and there's some lube, i won't stop.

  11. wow there need to be more females like you, like everywhere

    for me its from 10 minutes to indefinitely more or less if im rolling or just not gona bust it off at all
  12. if your having issues with lasting long bust a nut before hand by jerking it and then have sex
  13. yehh whack it before she comes over or what ever forr stamina haha works every time.. first time i had sex bout 10 mins. (also dint bust before) but tht chick was riddin me hard... haha the other times been about half hour... never busted gettin head..
  14. When high I can go for ever it seems like. Sober, 20mins is an avg time.
  15. Ranges from 10 minutes to a couple hours. I have to keep working on fucking longer because my girlfriend claims that every time she orgasms it makes her want to be fucked even more. :)
  16. agreed! I think I'm hornier than my boy about 75% of the time, I could go whenever.
  17. from what ive heard and experienced, it's very easy and pleasant to go on after an orgasm


    oh and I last anywhere from 10-70ish?
    (really depends on how long i have a condom on, or if i have a condom on)
  18. Anywhere from 20 min to two or three hours depending on if I'm sober or not, if I'm rolling, or just my general mood. But then again I usually I bust multiple times. The first one usually takes about 20-30 min though.
  19. It really depends for me, condom or not, or how turned on I am in general. I mean there have been times where its been in the single digits but at other times we're talking an hour and a half, but anything over 1hr is like round 3-4 with a condom when I'm stoned.
  20. apart from my first few times being 5-10 minutes, i'm a 30 minute racer
    sometimes i dont feel like cuming, or just cant cum, or just get tired.
    i last alot longer if i smoke a blunt, but i cant replicate it with somking out of wet or dry glass or joints, only blunts

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