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How long do you hold your hits in for?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chicken Putz, Oct 6, 2014.

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    What the usual duration you hold smoke in your lungs for? Personally I hold it in for 2-3 seconds. Also does holding in the smoke longer have any affect on how much THC actually enters the bloodstream? Ive heard that was always a myth... Ive tried holding in hits til I need to breath and the only difference I noticed was the sudden light-headedness from not breathing :laughing:

  2. did you just answer your own question? :confused_2:
  3. Yes and no. Part of the thread was asking how long fellow blades held their hits in for. The other part was asking for more info essentially on if its true or not and if other people besides myself notice a difference. Sorry for the confusion, im not high or anything (take another rip) :bongin:
  4. A couple seconds, depends on how much i want to cough :D
  5. They say 3-5 seconds for smoke to absorb though the lining of the lung tissues and into the bloodstream. Any longer is futile.
  6. Take a toke, uh huh. Hold it till you choke, uh huh.

  7. I like the Wiz reference  :hello:
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    Just a second or two. Holding it in longer does get you higher, but I'm positive it collects more tar for your lungs as a result..

    I used to practice a lot of logic as a kid, and thought the lungs could only grab the smoke that's touching the lungs and the smoke in the center is wasted. So I blew smoke into a large balloon (also great for concealing smell in a small room), grab some oxygen, then inhale smoke inside balloon for 2nd hit.
    Works fucking great for getting high off small amounts of cannabis but a lot of work, and you must use different balloons as your saliva starts building.
  9. Haha love wiz. Sad he's a single parent now.

    nobody do this.
    you're inhaling your own carbon dioxide... wtf man :/
    Cutting off oxygen to your brain in general will make you feel loopy. I guess you did answer your own question...
    when I first started smoking in high school, we had this 'the more you cough, the more you get off' rule of thumb, but as we got older, we understood how very wrong we were.
    you only need 1-3 seconds for the thc to be absorbed into your lungs.. anything more is on you.
  12. I'm getting plenty of oxygen, don't worry.

    My own co2 isn't going to kill me. It was 2 decades ago, I'm still alive with my cognitive functions, I think.
  13. 5 seconds-ish
    It's not a very smart thing to suggest to others, that's all I was saying. whether you did it 5 minutes ago or 20 years ago, my post remains valid.
  15. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412563763.401481.jpg

  16. around like 5 seconds and Yeah I think the longer you hold it in the stronger the effects will be
  17. Oh right, I forgot holding your own breath for 3 or 4 seconds is toxic to your body. Lol
  18. My buddies and I used to do the cough cough in highschool. For some reason it seemed to hit us alot harder when would cough. But yes as time progressed it seemed so stupid and we realized it never made a difference. 
  19. Smoke is crude and unnatural so I don't hold it at all. I inhale until full then exhale. If I'm dabbing i might hesitate intentionally a second before exhaling
  20. 2-3 seconds. Anything longer is not really necessary.

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