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How long do you hold vapor hit??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganjababe8151, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Sooo I was just wondering and curious.... How long do you guys hold your vapor hit in when using the vaporizer. I like to hold mine in from 10-20seconds. Does longer hold give you a better high/feel the high more?? Write back :)
  2. Holding for that long achieves nothing at all. Hold for like 3 secs if just vapor
  3. Holding it in doesn't count if it's just in your mouth. Take like a medium size hit hold it inhale more air then exhale. Gets that shit straight to your lungs man.
  4. 90% of the thc is absorbed in 3 seconds and 100% by 5 seconds. Anything after that and your just depriving your brain of much needed oxygen
  5. I figured I was holding my hit in too long. 5seconds is the golden ticket. Sweet. Thank you <3
  6. I read before that a vapour hit is different then smoke soooo you need to hold it in lnger then smoke
  7. 8-10 seconds in the lungs. Vapor takes a little bit longer to absorb all the THC from than smoke does.
  8. 20 seconds is a little long, with vapor hold it for 8-12 seconds, thats a good general range of time.
  9. It doesn't matter if it's vaporizers, pipes or bongs, I usually hold it in for a while. I'd say about 5-15 seconds...

    It gives me a different feeling when I exhale. Like I'm sinking, or my head gets heavier.

    - Serenity

  10. show me scientific evidence that proves this...i will rep u if u can
  11. its called oxygen deprivation haha

  12. Haha, no not really. I see how you could think that, but it feels different. Like I feel high inhaling, and stoned exhaling? I smoke hash, btw :)

    - Serenity
  13. Looks legit to me. Thanks.
  14. anyone have a link to the actual study? I would like to read it. Not knocking the source it's just really hard for me to believe that when you take a huge bong rip and can't hold it for more than 5-10 seconds that what you exhale is extremely low THC. This would mean that hotboxing is pretty much useless as well.
  15. #16 DTM420, Nov 25, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 25, 2011
    hot boxing is useless. all the effects you feel are from oxygen deprivation.

    I also read this in hightimes a couple years ago but couldnt find the article so I found that one and posted it. they say they ran tests and got those results so its better than hearsay

    plus I dont hold hits in past 4-5 seconds and i get just as high as i always did when holding hits in as long as i can. my lungs dont feel so bad either
  16. I never really liked hotboxing....I never did feel any more high than usual....some people just like being surrounded in smoke in a hot ass stuffy car I guess
  17. Any exhaled vapor, is wasted vapor.

  18. unless its water vapor

  19. Actually, that's exactly hearsay ;)

    I usually hold my hits anywhere from 10s up to a minute plus but that's just because I can do so comfortably, I guess it's time to start blowing smoke though!

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