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How long do you hold in your hits?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeedIsYummy, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Today me and my friend were discussing this and he says he holds his hits in for 10-15 seconds but i hold them in for 5-7 seconds he also says he swallows the smoke but i just breathe in a big breath of fresh air to send it to my lungs, anyone know which is right and which is wrong, also feel free to share how u do it
  2. 3-7 seconds is probably long enough to get the most benefit out of the THC entering your system. More than that, and you're probably doing more damage to your lungs with little increased benefit.

    Swallowing smoke is not really good, since I've found that involuntary swallowing of smoke tends to lead to your stomach saying "woah, fuck this" to it's contents.

    Personally, I take a nice hit, hold it for a bit, and then exhale some of it, breathe back in, exhale a little more, breathe back in, and finally blow it all out. To each his own though, you'll know soon enough if you're doing it "right". :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  3. lolz i remember having arguments about this
    just feel it man
  4. Depends on how I feel when I hit it honestly. If I take a big rip and feel pretty good then I hold it down and clear the hit or hit it again. Sometimes when I smoke a joint or a spoon I get some drink and when I take a hit then I take a drink and then blow the smoke out.
  5. i was always told to hold them in for a long time so thats what i do. and also if you're tokin on a bowl and your hit is starting to get too hot, just swallow to wet and cool down your throat, then finish off the hit. i dont mean to swallow smoke, just plain swallow.
  6. 5 - 7 seconds is perfect.
  7. usually anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds. 15 is almost pointless though.
  8. ^^This

    there are scientific studies to show that your lungs absorb most THC out of smoke in about seven seconds; any more and you're just feeling effects of oxygen deprivation, not getting higher.
  9. 5-7 seconds for me, especially if im running low on herb
  10. Usually 3-5 seconds.
  11. I hold it about 5-7 seconds. Holding in a hit for 15+ seconds is just gonna start messing with your lungs worse.
  12. I do 3-5. Think about it, it doesn't take the body long to absorb oxygen when we breathe, so why would THC need any more than 5 seconds max.
  13. Until I can't.:smoking:

    But usually couple secs.

  14. Because THC and O2 are two different things? :smoking:
  15. 5-7 like others...if it's a gravity/bong much longer cause I get a good 15 second white out :D
  16. I hold it in until I feel like letting it out.
  17. About 15 to 20 seconds.
  18. It matters..I find it a lot easier to hold in bong hits than it is to hold in pipe hits.

    Bong-8-10 seconds

    Pipe-4-6 seconds

    Joint/Blunt-3-5 seconds

    I don't count it out, but I usually just hold it in until it gets uncomfortable. I usually don't take huge hits though and I almost never torch the bowl. I'm not a toker who aims for huge ass hits.
  19. ^ I don't really count in my head while holding it in. Just however long it feels comfortable for. I've heard everything from 3 seconds to 20 seconds, and am yet to see a link to anything.
  20. I've always heard the alveoli in your lungs had a large enough surface area.
    One alveoli has more surface area than your skin, thus no need to "hold your hit in"

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