how long do seeds last?

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  1. how long do seeds last b4 they "die"

    i have a couple seeds from months ago

    idk if they will grow or not
    for now trying out the paper towel method
    nothing yet but its worked b4 so im hopeful
    its just a bitch to wait and nothing happens
  2. they can last quite a while.

    Look for a healthy meaty seed, and press it between your fingers-if it cracks easily its no good.
  3. I'm growing this plant from a seed that was more than a year old. I was given a few seeds from a friend of mine, chucked them in my purse and forgot about them. I gave four to a friend then planted the remaining three myself. Took ages to sprout, like almost 5 weeks! But at least I got one plant.

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  4. Keep them in a cool dark place and they should be fine for a while.

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