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  1. Hi i Order my 1st things of grasscity on the 21.12.2012 and it now day 12 and it is still in Pre-shipping how long will it take i payed £24.32 for shipping i live in England :mad:
  2. well gc is slow with shipping at lest to the us i dont know about other places but it's a good thing to keep in mind because gc is in another country it's the holiday season so everything is on back load so expect things to take alot longer then normal give it at lest a month
  3. Thank you for the help :wave:
  4. Yeah man i'm on day 23 waiting haha expect it to take its time :p
  5. to bad it will be nice if grasscity say it will take that long that i may of not order from the site :p
  6. yep, i ordered on the 21st as well and literally 12 hours ago i had gotten an email saying the bong i had ordered was sold out.. yeah thanks grasscity for waiting 2 weeks before letting me know that.

    Definitely not ordering from this site ever again.
  7. :eek: That it not good i think i may to order from this site again but i got friends who have order from it and it bin good so it may just be the time of year
  9. a while lmaooo
  10. I'm never buying from this place again...

    I ordered a product. When I submitted the shipping info I inputted the wrong address which was in Palau, US. I contacted customer support to have it modified. Shortly after changing my address, a friend told me it was made illegal in mid-2011. So I replied to my ticket again and asked them to cancel my order, it's illegal in the state of Pennsylvania because I noticed they hadn't updated my shipping address yet so I wanted them to be aware as to why I was cancelling out of nowhere.

    They said:

    Narda Kiwi, Jan 16 09:09 (CET):


    We will do our best but we can't promise. the item is being packed by our shipping partners and we need to intercept it before is actually ships. Please note we charge a up to $5.00 admin fee as your order has already been processed and packed.
    Please let us know if you agree to our terms and wish for us to proceed with the cancellation.

    Kind regards,

    Narda Kiwi

    Less than 15 minutes later I said:

    My Name, Jan 16 09:22 (CET):

    If it isn't possible for it to be shipped to Pennsylvania, please cancel it, sorry for the trouble.

    The next day I said:

    My Name, Jan 17 03:47 (CET):

    Please refund my order and charge the $5 fee. You guys COMPLETELY misunderstood everything I said. Please refund it, thanks.

    Final response from my worst customer support experience EVER:

    Guy Descartes, Jan 17 10:23 (CET):


    We're truly sorry but your package has been shipped on 1/16. The best way to go about your refund, if you still want to be refunded, will be to refuse the package once a delivery attempt is made. That way the package is sent back to us and once we receive it (it might take a few weeks) we can refund you. Would this work for you? let us know.

    Kind regards

    Guy Descartes

    ...So what you're saying is my package is being shipped to Palau, US which I didn't even know existed AND it's being shipped to an address that doesn't exist there.

    This is a horrible website...never again.
  11. Man, the info said 3-5 days, not a month :( I really hope my order doesn't take that long.
  12. Hey buddy! I thought I'd add me comment because I've ordered something myself. It does take awhile, my bong came from Amsterdam but they put a discreet shipping on it add had the return address in Florida. It should only take about 24 days MAX! I got mine in 19! Once you turn 18 it is soooo much easier!


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