how long do cuttings last without planting?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hippie john, May 9, 2003.

  1. will cuttings last ~24hours after being cut from the plant, until they are planted in a soil mixture, or jiffy plugs? what is the maximum amount of time that a cutting will last until planted?
  2. you need to get it in soil immediatly.. otherwise it will probably die.. but if I were to make an educated guess, i'd say 4-8 hours max..
  3. if they are planted in soil immediatly how long will they last without light?
  4. my juicyfruit cutting took 3 days to get here stuffed in a plactic bag and thrown in the glovebox of the car.lts a weed .l even have some now that l took form bits l,d cut off 2 days before.But sooner is better ,l,am just saying its a weed and will grow if ya let it .:D
  5. Its not like an animal when one min its alive and the next min its dead.. It can last a while.. As long as it has O2 and a little moisture, it can last a few days.. But I wouldn't take any chances.. just get it setup as fast as possible..
  6. so what your saying is that i can put it in a jiffy plug and then put it in a small box and it should last a day until i get a good little temporary room setup. I was thinking of making a little 18" square x 2' high box to let the clones veg in until i get a good wooden box built.
  7. Yeah should be fine..
  8. excellent.....excellent;)

    is sidious around? sid, your expert advice would be much apreciated.:) woody too, after seeing your crop report you obviously know what you doin:D.
  9. sid is off to see woody actually...
  10. oh yeah, fuck, i forgot about that. what a coincidince, the two most knowledgeable people away getting high;).

    i found a growfaq on overgrow showing me how to keep em' fresh for like 3 - 5 days.
  11. i used the meathod above to take about 8 cuttings 3 - 6" long in a 30oz. wilcox milk container. hopefully it will keep 'em fresh until i get a little cloning box setup to support them;).

    p.s. i didnt cover the top with cardboard, i slid the bottom part of the bottle back on and sealed with duct tape. thought it would hold moisture better:).
  12. you can take a cutt... put it in a glass of water and it will last for days and days and days no probs..... dont put it in a glass of piss though....

  13. ???

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