How long did you last on your first time?

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  1. This is obviously for the guys...
    How long did you last on your first time?
    I, for some strange reason, didnt even cum after like half an hour of sex. I have no fucking clue why and to this day keeps me confused...I just last for ages during sex! It must have been bad for my girlfriend because she was a virgin too. Luckily we were both quite intoxicated (was at our prom after-party...LOL...cliche or what)
    but yeah, anyways how long did u last?
  2. like 3 minutes lol.
  3. almost 2 hours and i didn't finish... condoms are the bad
  4. i know this is only for guys but the first time my ex-boyfriend and i had sex i say he came in 2 minutes. but about 3 times after that we go could on for a while.
  5. Yea, I'd say about three minutes. True Forty Year-Old Virgin style; two minutes later, "you wanna do it again?" and lasted forever :p
  6. 5 or 6 minutes, but i'm sure it would've been quicker if i hadn't been in a car. movement was somewhat restricted.

    had a second go though, that took almost too long. the car thing got old fast. :smoking:
  7. hm, she came and dried up and her pussy hurt so i couldnt keep going. that was 20 minutes and i was pissed cause i had blue ball.
  8. 20+ minutes, i was genuinely surprised, but then again I jerked off a lot that week too, ah the good old days :smoking:
  9. About 45 minutes or so.
    Nothing too great... =/
  10. maybe like 3 mintues hahah
  11. Didnt even get my pants off! LOL
  12. haha yeah I dunno it's weird how some last for ages and some like 2 mind LOL. maybe it was the jonny I dunno.agh well my bf seemed impressed LOL as well as her mates.
  13. over an hour... lol and im being serious
  14. Man I couldn't even come. I still have trouble getting off most of the time when I have sex.
  15. I think I lasted around a hour or so. (condoms suck) Its mostly a mental thing though.I believe a person with self control can last longer. There are some techniques to hold back and keep things movings though.

  16. yep. we should do porn.

    not together mind you, i dont like bathroom swordsplay.

    anyway, my first time was the 3:1 ratio. her 3, me 1.

    most sex for me takes close to an hour, but i rarely find that the girl is bored!!;)

    not saying im a master with my swizzle stick, just saying that im not just good with my cock. hands, tongue, face, all work to get a girl off.
  17. haha she must have been impressed...
  18. LOL!
    Such diversity...? :rolleyes:

  19. I got this same problem, for the first 2 years of sexual experience no girl could make me cum. I still last forever and have a difficult time usually, but I'd rather fuck for an hour than last five minutes. :D
  20. Do u wack off?

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