How long did it take you to get clean..

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  1. so i'm a small dude.. i weight 115 lbs and i'm 5'6. i havent smoked since the 4th of july and im still not clean. i have until the 19th to be clean but im starting to have my doubts.

    what is the longest its taken some of you folks to get clean?

  2. I went from smoking every day to nothing, and I pissed clean 2 weeks later. I don't know if it's my naturally fast metabolism, the pure cranberry juice (I dare you to pound that shit!) or all the green tea. But hell I did it, got tested every tuesday, smoked every tuesday night and wednesday, still passed every test.

    I don't know how you're not clean. Unless you're a 115 lb blob of pure fat that can type, you should be quicker than me to clean out. Try the green tea.
  3. How do you know your not clean? Are you testing yourself. For someone that small it should only take a few weeks to be able to pass a drug test
  4. Depends on a multitude of factors and the best thing you can do if you want to be absolutely certain you're clean is go out and buy a drink or a pill (the kind you'd find at a headshop) and take it before the test regardless of how clean you think you are.

    If I had to throw out a random guess, I'd say you're probably good, July 4th was quite a while back and you've still got a good amount of time until the 19th. I don't know how much you smoked, that plays a part. I don't know anything about your diet or metabolism, although at 5'6" and 115 lbs you've probably got a bitchin metabolic rate or a very healthy and low key diet.

    So you've got till the 19th? Drink lots of cranberry juice and green tea (thanks Karmel) and get active. Go for a jog every couple of days, the more you sweat the better. Drink enough water to piss clear. Eat healthy non greasy foods because you should be doing that anyway. Go to your nearest health foods store and buy a detox tea, they've usually got a whole host of shit in them that helps with the purge.

    If you do all that between now and the 19th, you should be golden.
  5. thanks for the replies fellas..

    i'm 115 lbs of skins and bones.

    yes, i've been testing myself by buying the at home drug tests at cvs and wal-mart.

    where can i buy straight up cranbery juice and green tea?

    ahhh! i need help fast!
  6. i tried the drink back in june and failed with that also.. i don't think i did it the correct way cause i heard you arent supposed to smoke a few days before it and i had blazed the night before. maybe ill try the drink again?
  7. Daaaamn you must have some crazy mutated people-eating tolerance. You haven't smoked since the 4th and you're still not clean, and you're only 115 lbs? Shiiit. My suggestions would be get some cranberry pills and as much Lipton green tea as you can. Drink the green tea religiously. Even if you do nothing but not smoke until the the 19th you should be clean.
  8. Walmart, CVS sells that shit Im sure.

    Yeah bro you've got to be smart about that shit. With the drinks I believe a lot of them have a list of things you shouldn't do and eat, like greasy foods and what not, right when you're taking it.

    Theres a pill called omni clean though that we get around here and it works great.

  9. Yeah, I know for sure you can get cranberry pills from Wal-Mart, and you can get green tea damn near anywhere. Vending machines, grocery stores, gas stations... the list goes on.
  10. yea i dont think i took the drink the proper way.. where can i buy those pills at? how does it work?
  11. haha the funny thing... i'm already on my third bottle of cranberry pills. ive been taking those things religously...

    i've even tried AZO Standard.. it's for people with urinary tract infections and it's supposed to clean out your entire urinary. turns your piss redish orange.
  12. anyone know where i can buy omni clean pills at? :confused:
  13. U need a kidney cleanser at GNC it worked for me.
  14. I'm not kidding about the pure cranberry. It's easier to pound hard liquor than it is to chug this stuff. If you're feelin brave, go for it, but the tea did it for me. Also I heard something about niacin, vitamin b3 i think. Supposedly helps burn fat quicker which is where the THC is hiding.
  15. a kidney cleanser? seriously? what in the world will that do?

  16. yea, ive heard about the niacin but heard you itch like a mofo!

    where can i find this pure cran juice? how much you think i need to drink?
  17. Ocean Spray makes it, I just got it at the market I worked at. I don't know how much to drink cuz I only drank 2 bottles and said screw it I'll stick with the green tea.
  18. damn, ill have to try it.. how much green tea would you say you were drinking?

    do you know anything about this kidney cleanser?
  19. I probably drank on average 30 or 40 oz. a day. Sorry, don't know anything about the kidney cleanser but if it's anything like what my friend's mom refers to as a water pill, they aren't to be messed around with.
  20. id imagine gnc would have the kidney cleanser b/c body builders would like to use it for kidney benefits from creatine they use... but i dont think it'll do much just drink water constantly... not too much b/c there's a chance of ur cells bursting but pace your self like 32oz an hour
    and piss regularly
    you'll be fine but go to a headshop for formula 420 crap... ocean spray/arizona or w.e green tea you want is anywhere

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