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how long did it take to recieve your items from EDIT

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sam42012, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. so on friday I ordered a new bowl and small bong and grinder from EDit, they said that they shipped it out the same day, but i was wondering how long it would take for me to get it. They shipped it through Royal Mail and aparently I can't track it once it has left for the U.S. and it supposedly has. How long did it take u to get ur items? thanks
  2. bump anyone?
  3. Mine took 2 weeks
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    it all depends on what you ordered. some brands take longer to ship. ive gotten packages in six days and some took around a month. once it leaves europe its never more than 2 weeks. but I still consider them one of the best sites out there.
  5. dude you ordered it on friday it may have been processed but certainly not shipped yet. wait till monday for it to ship
  6. took a month... but i'm in hawaii
  7. I ordered a bub from there last summer. It look about a week. Come to think of it, it came on my birthday
  8. aight thanks alot, oh and 1 other question, do I have to sign for the package or will they just leave it at my door if I'm not there?
  9. No worries with EDIT, I cant speek for your order, but they left mine at the door. The last order I made was dispatched the nexty day, & arrived in less than two weeks somewhere around the eastcoast.
    I just ordered a new ROOR 3 days ago, (which they were all out of stock) they said they would be back in stock March 6, I just got an email seconds ago saying they are in & it will be dispatched at 6:00pm today, woohoo. I paid a little extra for that shipping, so I expect it in about a week...maybe.
  10. They took about 5 business days to ship it from the UK to California. Not to bad for standard international shipping.

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