How long can you veg for?

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  1. so this is the first ever grow had it in since about 5th September we didn't have all the gear at the start and still don't it literally a learners first grow picking it up as we go but my question is can you leave it in veg state as long as you want for it to get a big as you want before attempting flowers? since we didn't; start with everythin it's only really started to grow bigger
    heres what its like atm

  2. you can leave it in veg for as long as you want,this is how people keep mother plants just make sure to give it more than 12 hours of light a day
  3. What he said! this plant has gone 8 weeks with no nutrients in Happy Frog Soil. It almost dies whent he CFl drooped onto the seedling. It burned all the leaves except the fist set of songle leaves with the serated edges. That leaf looked strong and was babied. It immediately started growing two main stems from the base.

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    Currently doing the right light cycles howd you guys think my plants looking I'd say it's looking healthy at the moment altho a little curious/concerned about those marks on the top leaf in top photo

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