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  1. so 3 days ago i sowed about 60 seeds most have already sprouted and this makes me happy! just thinkin bout how much time i should give them before i clone for sex, any ideas or should i just wait untill i figure they are strong enough to handle being cut? how about putting them into flower i dont have a rule of thumb on how long a plant from seed should be grown before put on a 12 12 schedule. i usally grow with clones.
  2. you can clone after you plants have grown to about 1-2 feet. let those clones grow some to establish a root system. Induce flower in the clones only to determine the sex of the plants. if they are males toss em out, if there females you keep the mother, and just toss the test clone.

    once you cut enough clones from your mother, let them grow for awhile under 18/6 light until they get some size. then put them under 12/12 light. Use different nutes for different stages of grow to maximize you growth and bud potential.

    tried explaining it my best, hopefully that helps somewhat!
  3. You need to do some reading and research before you try and tackle 60 plants. Just the questions you asked show a lack of knowledge and experience. Don't be in an all-fired hurry to grow so many plants. I'm not sure what your ultimate goal is, but I hope it works out. I would suggest doing it smaller and with more quality. Just my humble opinion for what its worth.....
  4. well idk your asking a bunch of questions that somebody that has exp in growing from clones should know the answer to but
    wait till your plant is at least 2ft tall and the you should see something familiar
    as far as when to put the plant into flowering i would
    cut clones
    wait untill they have established roots then put the mother into flowering
    if thats what your plan is
    or if you plan on flowering the clones and keeping the mother then
    cut the clones wait until they 2 ft 2.5 ft and then flower
  5. not so much lack of knowledge or experience just a matter of the last time growing with seeds was over 8 years ago and if i remember correctly by the time i had veged them and cloned for sex waited to find out which were female then cut up my females to start my next crop alot of time had went by.... months and my plants were huge i was hoping to avoid the wait ( cause i am anxious having 6 new strains) and not have such massive plants . and i assume half of these seedlings will be male and or weak and ill be throwin them so hopefully ill only have 30 or so!!! it has been a couple years since i last harvested and i am extremely pumped to see which of these strains react best to my grow style.

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