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how long after you wake, must you then bake?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bittytoker, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Huh? Well tell me guys! How long do you usually wait until you bake in the morning? I know best results are from smoking the moment you rouse. Is it still effective if you wait 15-20 minutes?
  2. i've been up for a couple hours and ive been holding off. I took off work today because im sick. But, I ussually wait till evening to smoke.
  3. after coffee...
  4. Just smoke whenever you want haha, weed is weed and effective any time
  5. If its a weekend (its right when I wake). If its a weekday (school/work) its right after my shower.
  6. I smoke pretty much all day, every day, but I don't take a hit until at least a half an hour until I take my first hit of the day. Usually after I shower.

    If I take a hit before showering I'd be in there for way too long
  7. Yeah that's why I gotta wait too. My ass would be missing work because I'm stoned in the shower
  8. On weekends. Right after I wake up. On work days. After I'm dressed and ready to go to work. I blaze a bowl :)
  9. Im one complaint away from eviction due to asshole neighbors making noise complaints, or saying they've smelled smoke, even when i used a sploof, and made it go through my window, and I live with my older sister who doesnt want me smoking inside so no weed for me until i leave the house to go somewhere >.<
  10. Yeah probably 10-15minutes
  11. I can't wake up and smoke right away or i will pass the fuck back out haha. So if I wake an bake its usually after i get something in my stomach (30-45 min).

    Is that still considered a wake n' bake?
  12. Actually it's better to wait a bit after you wake up and not smoke right away. Like the above poster said, smoke right away while you're still groggy and you'll either pass back out or not get the full effects of the high.

    When I do rarely wake n bake I get up, shower, rip the bong, then have a coffee and eat. Best way to start the day.
  13. Weekends/any days off usually within two hours.

    Weekdays, early evening.
  14. I roll out of bed get dressed, go outside and smoke a few bing rips. Then I jump in the shower and when I get out I pack a vape to puff on while I get ready.

    The morning highs can feel more intense because you are already tired and haven't smoked in at least 8 hours, but it also feels great to wait a while until you really want it. For a new smoker, a wake and bake is probably the shit. For me it's my every day routine so it almost feels better to wait a while first. Change up my routine. The days I'm out of the house doing shit where I can't smoke is when I want it the most.
  15. Hmm, normally... I wait about 12-14 hours after waking up before I smoke. :p During the weekdays, anyway. I like go workout sober in the mornings, and don't like getting stoned before work.

    On weekends, I'll sometimes smoke shortly after waking up. But I always seem to prefer staying sober for a little while to sort of shake off the grogginess I feel in the mornings. I tend to lay in bed a while chilling with my cat, then I'll get up and start cooking breakfast. While it's cooking, THEN I'll start hitting the vape. :)

  16. I would consider anything below an hour personally! And if I do wake n bake its 10 to 20 minutes till I do. On a normal day not till the evening or night.
  17. I don't wake and bake on weekdays. But on the weekends, prob within 5 min of waking up.
  18. Right after I wake only if I feel like it. (after long/good nights)
    While drinking coffee is the shit. (I take like 30 minutes to drink a cup of coffee so I'll be sipping while hitting)
    Half a bowl before shower, take like two hits while in it, finish it after. Makes showers fucking incredible.

    Those are just different wake and bakes I tend to do. There are more but those are the ones I like the best.
  19. I usually wait for 20 mins. I am usually super groggy when I first wake up. so I go on the computer for a few to check the news and Facebook, then after I have woke up a little bit I come back to my room and smoke.
  20. after i shower and before i brush my teeth

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