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How long after eating until it takes effect?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by kayjaykjt, May 19, 2010.

  1. So I made some of that peanut butter from the recipe on GC.

    (Better Than Firecrackers! - Peanut Budder)

    I'm wondering if I eat this how long until it takes effect? I used a 1/4 cup of peanut butter with .7 of straight kief. I spread the peanut butter on to two pieces of bread, and plan to make a separate sandwich out of each. It's already 11 at night and I have school tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should save it or just eat it. I don't want to wait 2+ hours for the effect though. Haven't eaten too many edibles before. (couldn't stomach the smell/taste of cannabudder, and the firecracker barely buzzed me) I'm thinking maybe save the PB&J for school tomorrow? :smoke: Can't decide. Lemme get some input! Thanks in advance
  2. It takes awhile, and creeps up on you. I've made ones out of oil, which have hit in 30min but usually they take an hour or more for me. They just keep getting stronger and stronger, the burn out is mad strong.
  3. Dam didn't even think about the burnout. Very good thing you mentioned this. (+rep) I was going to eat it before school if anything, but definitely not now since I have an 8 hour shift right after school.. So I'm guessing it's around at least 30 minutes then? Thanks man

  4. Expect it to take up to an hour and a half.
    Could be quicker but dont get disheartend if it takes forever.
  5. the edibles work a lot better on a empty stomach,,for me anyway. if your not sure eat less. u cant uneat something!!
  6. So how'd it turn out, kayjay?
  7. My bad on the slow response, but they worked out great both times. It came out to about .5 per sandwich. Everybody ate one and we all got a nice body buzz, but the true high didn't come until we smoked. Just a bowl or a couple one hitters makes it really kick in and we were all pretty baked. :) Not the best taste either, but muuuuuccchhh better than cannabudder. That stuff is just horrible..

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