How likely is it that a new plant sprouts from an old bucket?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cannaBULL1, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Harvested a pineapple chunk a few weeks ago. I realized the bucket was still out there and went to retrieve it only to find a new sprout in the old soil. Is that odd?
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  3. A) Not cannabis.
    B) Absolutely normal.
  4. Okay. So its by another pineapple chunk? Lol
  5. It's not a cannabis seedling, it's just a random seedling from something that was in the soil or got in the soil at some point or another. Happens to almost all if not all outdoor growers as well as some indoor growers. I regularly pull seedlings out of my soil in my chambers indoors. It's fairly common.
  6. Oh hell I didn't know that lol i got excited. This was my 4th grow (1st outdoor)
  7. if its your 4 th grow then you should clearly be able to see thats not even close to a cannabis plant seedling. probably just want to waste people's time  being funny right ? well good try  :smoke:
  8. Oh you nailed it. Idk if you were smart enough to read it was my first outdoor grow or not douche bag. People like you make this place shitty for people trying to learn. I asked a simple question, don't like it? Well I guess I'll know next time what you approve of and what you don't. As long as you're happy, no one else will have the will to ask questions.
  9. Lol sure wasted your time, so my plan worked! Fag

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