How Late Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

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  1. When I track my package it says "out for delivery"? It's 5:30 here and I'm still waiting. I ordered some things off of amazon the other day. I got one of the things yesterday so I know I didnt mess up the address on my end. If it says delivered and it's not in my locked mail box will I be able to contact amazon or USPS and have them refund my money??? If not I'm going to be really fuckin pissed.
    side note: i posted this in general because i wasn't sure where else to post it.

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    If you're going by the tracking on USPS, then don't wait up. It isn't kept up to date by the hour like UPS or FedEx. It could be another day or so. 
  3. Yeah I wouldn't cross your fingers. See what happens Monday.

  4. They drivers deliver until there finished with there deliveries or the day you will get it if it says out for delivery.
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    I called them. The guy gave me a case number and said they will get back to me on Monday or if they don't to call them Tuesday.
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    A usps package is delivered at the time your mail gets delivered by the mail man. A USPS tracking # takes something like 4-5 hours to update. You will see some kind of status update by 10pm.
  7. My usps packages are normally delivered seperate from my mail, and often much later in the day. I have had them come as late as 7:30pm.
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