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How is your day while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by warefly, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Did you have a day off or made it a day off? I'm currently well enough not to have to work while going to college full time. In my days off I tend to just get up have a shower, smoke, breakfast, brush teeth, and chill out in my smoke room on the internet which has a projector, so the wall is my monitor. The speakers make it sound like a theater and since there is a mini fridge and bathroom I hardly leave.

    Anyone got it easy going as well? Or worse?

    Oh shit, yea forgot, at night I walk the dog... Too high to pick up shit though.
  2. ahahahah usally my day goes pretty awesome, kinda slow (if im smoking pot) but still pretty awesome. but sometimes the day is just shitty. and oh yeah theres always the come down .
  3. Weed has brought balance into my life. I use the herb to motivate myself to reach goals and self-improve. For example, I use weed to help me workout and be creative when working on art. I would have a daily sesh in my shower that I would look forward to every day. But now that it's dry season, buddha is scarce, and life is going to get a lot duller.
  4. I'm also a full time college student and for now I dont need a job lol .. I wake up smoke all day to help me get my work done, chill, workout, chill, chill haha smoking makes the only bad part (studying) good haha
    Maintaining that 3.50

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