How is this rig used???

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  1. Please someone give your stoner advice here. How in the flippin burgers do you use this dab rig?? Please help here cuz I am clueless here, as well as everyone I've asked in person. 20190627_212017.jpg 20190627_212003.jpg 20190627_212007.jpg

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  2. Can you cook on it?
  3. Ok so here’s my guess. You fill the water in with the blue rimmed area then load the swirl as the bowl. Then use like a bubbler, and to remove water you pour out that small secondary stem near the full stem
  4. The swirled area up top appears to be the "dab storage" spot- seen on some dab rigs. Doesnt look like a bowl to load. If you look in font of the swirly part, there's a hole in front, which feeds down into the perc. Im guessing that you heat up the bulb in front (where the two tubes are coming out of) and put your dab in there. Then the blue rimmed tube is probably a carb and the other one is where the smoke passes through to the hole in front, into the perc, etc.
  5. Probably where you cook rocks or crystal.
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  6. Burn it, and you might get some cleaning done from the residual High
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  7. 3 pieces from 3 entirely different rigs.
  8. I think its missing some peices. Its likely some sort of paddle dab rig with a metal tie. Old school dab rigs used the skillet method much more often and ive seen some interesting variations.
  9. It’s not making sense because it’s incomplete, your missing a make adapter or something is my guess
  10. Looks like part of another bong to me if not then it's confusing as hell lol

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  11. Its missin abit on the blue part where the dab goes. Long bit i guess u inhale and the short one for finger to cover imo...
  12. Usually I am into weird-ass glass bongs.. but this one is just confusing..

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