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How is this even possible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bob Santana, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. last night i smoked some weed using my homemade gravity bong. i used a 7/16 socket for the bowl and filled it up about half way which really is not a lot.

    after about 2 min i feel it kick in HARD like harder than i have ever felt it before.
    i could barely move and when i did move it felt like the ground was shaking and i was really off balance.

    after i put all of my smoking stuff away which seemed to have taken like 15 min when it should have taken 2 min, i just wanted to lay down and go to sleep because i didnt like this high.

    when i layed down in my bed i closed my eyes and was having these intense visuals. like weird shapes that were flying around me and stuff.

    also when i was laying down i felt as if i had all the worlds knowledge at my fingertips and i knew all the answers to the questions that were zooming by in my head.

    i was also shaking really bad like i would feel electricity go through my body and each limb would twitch for a second.

    from what i have read most of these symptoms come from someone being like SUPER baked but i only did a very small amount.

    and i understand that i have a low tolerance but to be able to do a half bowl and go completely out of my mind seems kind of crazy.

    has anyone else felt like this before?
  2. No but gravity bongs are supposed to hit you very hard even with a small amount, THey are generally used with only a small amount
  3. haha You got ripped. :smoking:
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    Sometimes, when I wake up in the summer, It's 10am, and its already hot outside.

    Sometimes if I smoke a J while I'm just awake and I'm sitting in the sun, it really kicks in and i feel sick for about 15 minutes or so.. I could barely move my ass from the backyard to my room.. That's a 1minute walk.. took me 10 minutes to reach my room though.. started to black out and shit

    EDIT: lasttime this happened was last summer, i smoked 5years then.. so.. could happen to everyone, not only lowtolerance ppl =P
  5. i wish i could still get that high
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    damn man, sounds pretty crazy. never had visuals, but i have heard weird shit while high, and i have had that like electricity feeling while lying down and having a limb twitch. sometimes when i am trying to go to sleep my leg or arm will twitch one time for like a second. its just that the feeling of being high somehow makes this one twitch feel more intense than normal.
  7. well its good to know some of this stuff has happened to other people atleast but yea that shit was not pleasant at all.
  8. yeah man gravity bongs hit you like that sometimes my 2nd time using one was like that..and i had to go to school i got nothing below a 80 half sleep and i dont study AT ALL
  9. a gravity bong depending on the size can rip your face off and feed it to you
  10. ^ id like that:D

    haha i need to make one!
  11. When i feel im too high, too far out there, or just feel like coming down a bit (this usually happens on shrooms or acid for me, because i have a fairly high tolerance for weed), I usually just try to think about where i actually am, what it is really like, and think about reality. Avoid getting sucked in to little things around you.

    Then again, usually i want to go even deeper, so if that is your goal, do the opposite of what i told you.
  12. This happened to me the other day when i was trying out my friends new bong, and my tolerance isn't low at all, i was sick for maybe 20 minutes fell asleep woke up an hour later and i was straight. :confused:
  13. I'v never done a gravity bong but I have been super baked to a point when i stood up I started blacking out.

    I had to lay down in a field and the wind sounded like it was vibrating in my brain. It was my birthday so i somehow made it home in time to have dinner with my family....still baked as balls.
  14. yea i was having trouble opening the door because my hands were shaking so bad lol. also i had this really annoying feeling of worry. like i was not worried at all but i could feel this pit in my chest that just wanted to explode and make me super paranoid but i kept it down.
    and my heart was beating way faster than it ever has but it felt good so i didnt mind that.
  15. Oh yeah :p This all sounds very familiar. Never used a gravity bong before either but one of the first times I got stoned I took a hit from my bro's pipe and it hit me pretty much instantly. I started coughing and then I fell over on the bathroom floor, let my head hit the toilet seat and couldn't move for at least 5-10 minutes and thought I was gonna puke. But after that initial kick wore off though I felt more amazing than I ever had in my life. I swear to god I lay in the bath and felt like I was floating off into space. I've also gotten really twitchy from being high and on a separate occasion I was trying to make tea but I had to keep sitting down on the kitchen floor cause I'd start to black out. I also constantly see things out of the corners or my eyes, not sure about when trying to sleep though.

    As far as putting the stuff away goes, I usually try to make it as easy as possible for myself and before I smoke I put away as much as I can so I just have to put the bong and lighter away and then I'm good - no worries.
  16. haha proof that you can get too high
    i have a pretty high tolerance but i can still get way blown
    i did some hits out of a grav then out of a regular bong at my friends
    i was sitting on his couch and i felt so high that i was out of breath and my vision was blacking out in spots and turning purple and green
    i did smoke about 2.5g in one sitting, that could have been it lol
  17. I hate seeing these threads cause i would love to get that high but i just cant no matter how much i smoke or how good the weed is:confused:
  18. hahahaha, yea he did :hello:
  19. Gravity hits are a really instant heavy high usually. I've had something similar happen to me before (kept doing shit like taking off my shoes but I didn't actually want to...) At the end of the night though, I kind of liked the high even though it was insanely intense.
  20. o and also i just remembered that my body would feel like extremly hot then cool down then super hot then cool again. that was probably the best part cuz it felt so good.

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