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how is the dank in your state

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeff Fischer, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. :smoking: I live near State College PA(Penn State) the dank is mostly Indica there is high quality outdoor grown dank at harvest time but we go through droughts
    time to time some time good can find a grapefruit,northern light and sour diesel
    and blueberry haze and a some good afghan and black afghan hash :smoking::hello: pretty good for the middle of the state
  2. I live in New Baltimore, Michigan and we have the dankest weed in town! 586 till I die!
  3. Santa Barbara California.
    waddap 805? nice overcast day we're having.

    I get a lot of my bud from a connect all the way out in Humboldt, a friend goes dirt biking there a lot.
    It's basically the best weed available in California.
    I even know a grower with a Alien OG clone
    apparently it's supposed to be some kind of secret mafia shit, but who knows. The guy could have been bullshitting but I don't think he's that kinda guy.
  4. New York.
    Got it all, sativa/indica
    Haze, kush, sour d, blue dream, white widow,Ect.. Honestly the only bud I really can't get my hands on and has been a true pain in the ass. (Northern Lights)
  5. i Live in o~high~o and shits legit. Blue dream stormin through.
  6. Rochester Hills Michigan. We have the dopest dope you will ever smoke. Check out this pound I picked up:[​IMG]
    Hahaha just kidding, we get some good bud for cheap if you know the right people.
  7. It's as dank as dank gets if you find the right person but its wayyyyyyyy to expensive (talking 400/zip)
  8. I live in California, whatchu think?!
    10 dollar gram dank sacks and 160 dank zips.
  9. I live in west Michigan and we get some pretty good stuff out here. It's a lot easier if you're a medical patient as there are dispensaries and co-ops popping up all over. The best smoke I have gotten so far has some from a dispensary in Greenville called grassroots society. They have killer O.G Kush and Lemon Skunk
  10. San Diego, CA. Go figure!
  11. NorCal born and raised baby. Not much to complain about here. Oasterdam to the south, Humboldt to the north, and a back yard full of dank homegrown. Not to mention the killer selection of clone only strains.

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  12. well this is down the mmj :p

    [ame=]DIAMOND OG-- The BEST DIAMOND OG in Orange County - YouTube[/ame]

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