how is it looking?

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  1. It's now 8 days old

    comments and critique appreciated

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  2. is it a little burnt? ..what are you growing it in??
  3. I agree...
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    sorry about the crappy picture, but no it isn't burnt at all but for some weird reason, the right leaf is missing a little piece, I guess it's just deformed?
    I'm using Shasta nursery soil, and my lighting is a cfl equivalent to 45w

    let me see if I can take a better picture for you guys

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  5. if your only using one 45w equivalent, than that means you only have i think 23w of the 100w min.(not fact, put pretty much fact around here). That plant wont last long in veg with that lighting, you need like 3 more of those bulbs at the LEAST. Otherwise, good luck with your grow.

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