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  1. This is my first plant how is it looking do I need to remove anymore fan leaves or anything?

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  2. Can you give your growing details. Soil, lighting, water pH ,nutes , grow space.

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  3. Lol ive got a 50w full spectrum bulb organic soil goes in the garden on sunny warm days and back in doors over night. Has loads or space pulled of some fan leaves tonight and topped it a couple of weeks ago. Ph level not sure but I use filtered tap water lowers the ph slightly. I water about every 3 days with liquid seaweed I also mixed in multi purpose soluble feed into the liquid seaweed only done it once so farr doing it every two.
  4. Stop removing fan leaves. That's where the plant
    photosynthesizes and derives it's energy from.
    They are the plants solar panels.
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  5. You'll need more light eventually. My opinion is either inside or out or u could up with pests. You should check your pH level, plants thrive around 6.3 pH. Was it that bush you needed to clip fan leaves? But it looks great.

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  6. No but its kind of messy looked liked pointless leaves in my opinion ill have to get a ph pen then. All the new lower stuff looks a mess was going to get rid of i to too lol getting bored just wanna do something with it.

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  7. Honestly don't cut off much because the leaves take in light more leaves more light. You'll slow down growth.

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  8. Looks good. You should remove the small lower branches. This will improve the end product. Also it will help keep bugs away.
  9. LITFA and let it grow for now.

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