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how is da Buddha vaporizer??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by threedaysgrace, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. How is da Buddha vaporizer?? Im thinking about ordering one
  2. A hell of a good vape for the price

    You can also look into the LSV and SSV from teh same company.

    Just remember if you buy it for less than $190, warranty is no longer valid, but they only charge $25 plus shipping to fix it

    Chances are it won't need fixing, very simple yet effective

    Search Da buddha, guaranteed to find 5+ pages of info
  3. It's a great vape. Really enjoyed mine when I had it.
  4. Why dont you have it anymore??

  5. When I got my Purple Days, I retired my DBV only because I went thru too much weed as compared to the PD, so for 4 years, the PD became my daily driver.......that is, until I got my LSV.
  6. What's best Lsv or da Buddha???
  7. I have used the da buddah and i love it, gets me ripped
  8. I have used DBV, LSV, and SSV. SSV and DBV are practically identical, SsV having some small advantages.

    My current vape is the LSV and its my favorite. All three use the same heating element and glass sheath so performance is similar.

    All three are some of the best if not the best desktop vapes for the price.

  9. Both are great vapes. If you plan on using your vape through your bong most all of the time, get the LSV.

    While both the SSV and the DBV are great vapes, sucking vapor through a long hose poses the same issues for me as sucking vapor out of a bag in that both fail the taste test for me, as well as the condensation issue due to the large surface area of both whips and bags.

    I prefer a MUCH shorter vapor path, preferably, glass on glass and the LSV fits that criteria perfectly.
  10. It's a very good vaporizer! It gets me seriously blazed, but at first it takes a while to find it's 'soft spot'.

    Also, the taste is incredible :smoke:
  11. just bought da budda at my local for 160 yesterday, loving it so far. hella vaped atm

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