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How is a hash high different from a marijuana high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TheHighRoad, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. My friend said that to him it felt like a weed high mentally, only that instead of being slower, everything felt faster. Is there any validity to this?
  2. i just get really stoned on hash
    lasts for a shorter period of time but much more intense
    and i always become energized when i smoke weed or hash so im not the one to ask
    everyone feels highs diffrently so its really hard to judge what you will feel off of what others have
  3. Not realy sure, becasue everyone reacts differently, but i do have different highs when smoking hash or bud. I feel more awake when i smoke hash, but i can deffinately feel the high. but when i smoke bud i feel a little slower i guess.
  4. the high from hash to me, is just a wholeeee lot cleaner and wayyyy bettter, since there isnt the plant matter (or at least a minuscule amount)
  5. The only time I smoked hash, Im made my own and sprinkled it on top of some headies. A small bowl got me super baked and it felt like a body high, its hard to explain for me at least it felt like a strong body high except not like an indica, my body felt like water and when I jumped I felt like I landed on the ground 2 seconds after I actually did, not sure if that makes sense to you haha
  6. I feel that the hashish I smoke/vaporize tends to be more of a cleaner and body-mind high than cannabis, but it all can depend on the strain aswell. Of course, the hash is more potent, so your talking about only couple hits and your good. I'm baked already by packing a 1/4 bowl and not finished yet.
  7. The effects of a given type of hash depends on the strain it originates from. Sativa or/and indica, you know.. However, most hash you buy is made from indica, I think..
  8. Hash is a much stronger high(IMO, i have only had it once). I remember packing a good sized bowl(maybe i tiny bit too much bud) for me and my friend each, with a little chunk of hash on top. My friend inhaled, then looked around at the floor next to him and behind him all like:confused::eek: then of course, before you even exhale :smoking:. We were both high before we exhaled, its an instand mind-fuck
  9. afghani hash nearly paralyzed me, but in a good way. it was unmistakeably indica dominant
  10. for me hash is the same as bud but stronger....like 1 bowl of hash is equal to like 3 bowls of dank for me...the high really isnt any different for me tho.

    The high is waay more intense, I'm actually high on a bit of keif i pressed into hash
    and just think of it this way, Hash is just crystals pressed together so all the
    'leafy mater' is there and you're smoking a greater amount of THC. Plus I must
    have ground up at least a half ounce off different strains so the crystal is just like
    smoking a little bowl of each bud :D

    Sorry for the mistakes:smoking::smoking:
  12. Keif is SO much different than hash, what teh fuck are you talking about man. Along with reviving this thread, you give incorrct information. Keif is simply the dried resinglands(or trichomes,pollen) and is harvested from the buds an then smoked, even if you make it dense like hash, its still different. Hash must be made with a solvent of some sort[usually], and then the residue is scraped and sometimes is pressed by hand. In short, keif IS NOT hash, please stop making this mistake.
  13. how much more does hash cost?
  14. Hash isn't that much more I think. Let's say you pay 30 dollars for a nice ball the size of a quarter.

    Unless I'm getting ripped off...
  15. The hashish I had last week was amazing.

    To describe it for you... hmmm... well, you know when you smoke weed, you feel like you're in your own little world that exists only in your head?

    Hash is sort of like that, but I find it to be more of a mellow, body high. It's very pleasant. You just feel "good"; everything around you is good. You can still socialize well after smoking hash instead of becoming paranoid and withdrawn like many often do after smoking bud. My head felt cleared, unlike when I smoke weed, where I tend to feel foggy, which is fine...

    To put it shortly, I smoke hash when I need to be somewhere, haha. (Or if I have it at the time) It's very good on actual bowls though, as a little added kick.

    If you can find it, definitely buy it. I love it so much. These are just my experiences with it; you could have a much different one.

    Now you make me want to smoke hashish, and all I have is resin. :(

    Oh well, it gets me blasted.
  16. theyre both hash. theyre just dint kinds of hash. regular hash is kief thats heated and pressed together. then theres bubble hash,,,and then theres the alcohol/iso/qwiso/honeybutane hash thats all made with those solvents and shit.therye all hash. just purer forms.
  17. i smoked some afghan kush hash and kief mix and o boy fucked me over i was driving wow it was fun night i just smoke that and like 20min later at my dealers house smoke bout a half o of mids in a bong between 4 ppl thats the best dealer the one who pitches in his weed for u to smoke i was so high
  18. It's more intense, but it's shorter

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