How Ironic; Young Adult Unemployment 52.2%

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  1. It is pretty hard to get a job around here, but not impossible. I'm a young adult and it took me about a month to find a job being an unskilled worker. It isn't a great job by any means, but to find work like that it normally takes me a week or two.

    I've also seen a lot of younger people standing on the street corners recently. We have a couple big intersections where I live that are really populated with homeless/out of work people.

    In all honesty, though, I think this is a good thing. It will teach our generation that obeying authority never brings good. One more step toward the great awakening.
  2. So many of my friends had trouble finding jobs this past summer. Hopefully some of them will realize that it has something to do with the federal government, but I'm skeptical.
  3. We went through this with Carter.

    Obama has pretty much proved himself Carter 2.0

    No surprises here.
  4. Took me about four months to find a shitty ass part time sales associate job at RadioShack in Jersey. Moved to Ann Arbor, MI under the assumption I would be transferring to a RadioShack location here, and they shafted me, lied, told me they didn't have any positions, when in fact the whole store here is short staffed and I had been guaranteed a position before I ever left Jersey. Really though, I was glad to be done with the shack, as I was tired of every other customer asking if "I speeka Spanish" and seeing the welfare recipients come in to buy LCD flat screen TVs or netbooks with their welfare money.

    Here in Ann Arbor though, it only took me less than a month to not only land one, but two jobs! I even had to turn one down because the other wanted to hire me full time. I applied to over 400 different positions in the span of a year though, which I think is pretty damn ridiculous, considering I have a degree in engineering from an Ivy League. I know a lot of other friends I went to school with who are having problems finding jobs now too. Not only in their fields, their having problems finding temporary jobs as waiters and other minimum wage jobs!

    I think it's even worse for us, because I feel a lot of employers don't hire us because we're over-qualified! They assume that, first we don't have experience with service or manual labor type jobs, which for the most part is true, and secondly, that most of us are spoiled brats who feel like we're above minimum wage, service jobs and physical labor, which again for the most part is true. Of course, this screws everyone over who doesn't fall within the norm, since we are lumped into the general stereotype anyway.

    It's kind of sick how segregated everything is in this country is while people here pretend to be against discrimination and what-not. People here literally think segregation is diversity! I know at the university I attended, they lauded their diversity for having segregated housing! African American residence hall, Latino Living Center, even an all-girls dorm!
  5. Lower the age that people can collect Social Security and Medicare and it will open up millions of jobs for younger people.
  6. Honestly, how the hell are people supposed to support themselves these days?

    I just turned 21, and even if I was working 40-50 hours a week, I still would not be able to afford an apartment around here, plus car insurance, plus gas/groceries/etc. My friend and her boyfriend BOTH work 40-45 hours a week making $11 an hour, and they can barely make ends meet with the little 1 bedroom apartment they have.

    I really don't want to have to live like this. Working my life away, and what do I have to show for it? You have to work your ass off just to be able to live somewhat normally.

    With 52% unemployment rate among young adults 16-24, what are we going to do? How much more of this can we take?
  7. Look into communal living, sometimes it really is cheaper, and a nice experience.

  8. Maybe when you are young.

    When you get to be my age you don't like people all that much. :p
  9. It is certainly easier when you are young, I would have to agree. Hopefully living communally for a couple of years would save you enough money to become financially independent. Buy a little bit of land and grow some vegetables and maybe house a couple of animals.

    Coincidentally a lot of communes are on farms where everyone does some work. I bet knowing those people would be able to cut you a deal, and even if you can't get a deal you can learn firsthand how to take care of a farm which would certainly help in becoming independent financially.
  10. What kind of jobs will those create? Will they be in sectors that create long-term growth or will they be in sectors like health care and government?
  11. Tha Carter II, one the tracks is Worst President Alive, hahahaha

  12. You still have to make savings for emergency and retirement, which is simply impossible at the moment.

    The problem is that the financial system is fundamentally broken.
  13. Maybe Obama's youth brigade will put people to work.
  14. College housing. It's dirt cheap. Especially in a small college town. I pay $400 a month to live with 3 other guys, while I have friends who live in NYC for $2000. I'll take $400 and 3 other guys to drink and toke with than a NYC loft any day. Plus frat parties and house parties that cost nothing instead of blowing hundreds daily at a NYC bar?! Craziness!

    Basically, it's the same thing as what Buddy Dink said, communal living, but also taking into account the cost of rent in different areas. I know most people look for jobs and then move to where ever they get one, but I decided that I refused to live in an area that I didn't like, surrounded by people I didn't like, who enjoyed doing shit I didn't enjoy, so I made it a point to research a place to live first, and then finding a job there.
  15. considering i dropped out of high school my senior year, finding work is quite impossible. I wouldn't say impossible, but i feel i'm over qualified even and still wont be able to land the job. I'm pretty intellectual not that i even think it matters for most jobs, but i like organizing, keeping things in order, making things presentable. It's more of an ocd habit type of thing, but i wouldn't say i have ocd. My friend graduated UNCC with a political science major, he's working at Low home improvement for $10 - 11 an hour.

  16. I dont think he did so bad...

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    Jobs in my area are hard to get, but thus easy to keep - considering you're efficient soon after training obviously. I had to take a math and personality test in addition to an hour-long interview all to bus tables and run food. The money's terrific for what I do, but it's still a bit much. I've worked at my place for about 4-5 months and I'm still the newest employee, if that shows you anything. All my unemployed friends still looking, shits rough these days.

    If you have a job, get this money. Holding it down for a while looks good and if you do get sick enough of one place to move on, you want a good reference. I want my post-employers to have a "fuck yes, hire HIM." attitude when they're called with inquires of me, dig? That makes getting jobs a lot easier, especially when you can say something like "I'd really like you to actually contact my old boss if you get time. You won't regret that." Makes you look like Jay-Z in the spot, of course you'll get hired.

  18. So because he gave you tax exempt beer and a couple other shoddy things he is a decent president. You know that many of the problems that we are having today one being the "CREDIT CRISIS" stems from measures that were past by Carter. Wikipedia is a shitty source go do some real research.

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