How important is Humidity to clones?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tommatt, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I keep reading so many different guides that don't require humidity domes. Originally, I was gonna follow budslingers guide for his dome, but when I was ready, parts I thought could be found at walmart (neoprene disks, 2" netpots) wern't there. So I used my DWC system basically.

    I have a rubber made bin, 4" net pots, hydroton, and rockwool. I have an airstone in the water, and am using a water pump with drip lines to feed constant water to the rockwool, keeping it moist. I assume this should work. For humidity, I covered each plant with a 2 litre bottles, which don't sit flush.. It didn't cut perfectly so air/moisture etc.. escape.

    So basically I have a bucket of water feeding my rockwool cubes with my clones in them. Have a semi humidity dome. Should this work?
  2. I've never seen anyone clone like that, not to say it cant be done. I like the bubble cloner idea, but could never get it to work well enough for me. In a bubble cloner you dont need a humidity dome.

    Clones in soil, coco or peat definitely need humidity domes until a good root system has developed.

    btw, neoprene can be found in pool noodles, on clearance this time of year.

  3. Me neither lol. When reading around for cloning instructions, a lot of what I noticed was just keeping the medium your using wet, to keep the stem wet. When I first cracked the seeds, I used this system in rockwool, (although I forgot to turn the water pump on that fed the tubes to the rockwool for 3 days.... oopsie) and had 2 out of 6 grow great. The other 4 cracked, but I'm guessing due to no water, they died. (I also ran full nutes right out the get go. Bad Idea)

    I'm thinking I don't need the dome, but they couldn't be doing any harm actually right? Might have to check out the pool section at walmart. Thanks for the tip :)

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