How I was robbed for $20,000

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    Sorry for the long post, but theres a TL;DR at the bottom, although the content is worth reading. :)

    Today has been so depressing I can't even fathom it happening.

    So it all started when I showed up at my seasonal job to start doing touch up pre-season
    work. The season starts from mid June and lasts until October.

    I get there and immediately the secretary/supervisor lady says I have to go to the local urgent care and get drug tested before i can start working. She called them to let them know that i was coming.

    Knowing I wasn't gonna pass for shit, I stopped at a gas station and bought a gatorade and small Red Bull energy shot. I drank the red bull and filled it up slightly with some gatorade and then strapped it to my thigh. Keep in mind gatorade doesnt smell like piss, so I only packed a little. I also (amazingly) was able to find a head shop but they sold the last Whizzinator yesterday. Talk about bad karma :(

    When they called my name I wasn't able to fill the cup to the minimum so i had to wait in a little room until I could piss again.

    The second time I went in for my testing the lady did NOT put the blue liquid in the toilet like the first time, so I was able to use the 'clean' toilet water and the middle stream of my hopefully diluted piss sample to fill the cup.

    After the test, the lady began filling out paperwork so I knew automatically that my result was either pos. or there was some kind of issue.

    I knew the temp. of the piss sample had to be at body temp, but apparently the red bull bottle pressed to my ball sack for 1.5 hrs wasn't enough :( On the paperwork it said the sample wasn't at a high enough temp.

    With my redemption in mind, I went to a local headshop and bought a Whizzinator for $130 in hopes that i could retake the test tomorrow. I also bought some herbal supplements that is practically 100% guaranteed to make you piss clean.

    I just got a call an hr ago from the supervisor lady saying my results were inconclusive and that I can't go to work until the drug test results come in.

    I know damn well that there is a more than possible chance that I will not pass that test because of the mixture of gatorade (very little) and some dirty diluted piss mixed with toilet water :D :(

    I can't believe how fucked up our government/society is that MJ cannot be made legal/ decriminalized once and for all. I am a good guy and am always considerate of others. To know that myself and others across the United States are being treated this way is udderly ridiculous especially since its over such a wonderful and useful plant such as MJ.

    And to top it all off, I got a speeding ticket :( ... which I deserve, but didn't need on this particular day.

    Hopefully my efforts pulled through. Wish me luck GC otherwise I'm out on $20,000 for what I would have made during the summer.

    TL;DR Fuck you :)

    Im off to smoke myself silly (good idea?) and eat my $5 Little Caesars pizza :wave:

    EDIT: Im 20 without a MMJ card, although I might start a little grow op now to make ends meet.

    And Im not looking for sympathy, just some stories and discussion.
  2. dude with that kind of money you should have been prepared ahead of time.
    Here is what I do for my seasonal job. Just get someone who is clean to piss in 2 film canisters and then put them in some whitey tighties along with a $1 dollar hand warmer.
    Done deal
  3. I know I should have seen this coming, but I didn't think there would be drug testing until a little later during preseason.

    Good thing i invested some of my last year's earnings so that I can potentially make a living, instead of moving back in with one of my parents.

    BTW this is a job working at a processign plant, nothing too fancy although they wanted me to be their mech. engr since that is what im going to college for... oh well maybe I can get in with them after I get my Masters and have some experience to make my effort worth a pretty penny.
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    I feel ya man. I had the job for a Benz dealership, until the manager came back with the drug test paperwork and told me it was a hair sample test. My jaw dropped. I was and still am in desperate need of a job, but I didnt even waste their time or mine. I was unable to order even the supposed best cleansers because my state bans products being shipped into the state lol. It would have been a perfect job for personality with good pay, life would have been great months ago. I used to work in healthcare, I like to think of myself as a good person also. The laws really hurt people so much more than the drug, its insane. I only smoke at night in my house, rarely outside my house, and I'm a young guy. It's nobody's business, I would be frustrated but I have some bud lol.
  5. Title was a bit misleading....

    But anyways good luck at passing your test man. I think we've all been in similar situations, so I can only hope you pass.

  6. Im sorry that you had to go through that man

    Last year when I first worked at this job, I thought it was going to be a hair test so I ended up taking a 14 month T- break all for a piss test. I saved some money, so im not complaining.

    Its really fucked up the way MJ is being advertised, I swear when/if ever I become a multi-millionaire I will support everything I can to legalize/decriminalize MJ and donate a bunch to NORML and other such organizations.
  7. Here's what I do: before I can even consider working at a job, I factor in the people and job requirements, and then I research a bit on the interwebz if they DT or not, so I don't get my hopes up.

    Well, did you?
  8. This is my second year working here, but my first year I wasn't tested until the beginning of the season.

    Just some light humor my man :p

    Haha yeah it is, thanks for your condolences.
  9. robbed for 20,000 dollars? wow your head is pretty far up ur ass eh?

  10. If anyone here has the right to be hostile it is me and anyone else who has wrongfully been denied a job upon which to support themselves based on the account of a plant.
  11. Lol

    N-N-N-Neg rep
  12. once you grow up and learn some things, you will realize how the world really works.
    you didnt get robbed, you are just blaming others for your mistake.
    you probably arent a bad guy and im not saying that. im saying if you want a job that drug tests, dont blaze. if you want to smoke up, find a job that doesnt drug test...hell just dont smoke for a few weeks before this job's drug test and you'd be fine....
  13. when you said you were robbed, i was expecting a cool story where you get into like a gun fight and a car chase or something. not a drug test.
  14. You should of definetely prepared ahead of time; and you should of had urine from your friends.
  15. Yeah I didn't realize I was getting tested until about 20 min before I had to, by then it was too late.

    Does anyone know if I can at least challenge it because they didn't give me a set date and rather did it 'on the spot' so to speak?

    Oh well you gain some, you lose some. Im just kind of ashamed to tell my extended family and such because they don't have a clue that I smoke.

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