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    Hey hey hey. So I'm now a college sophomore and started smoking regularly recently, but I've tried it before but never really felt it a few times. I wanted to share with you guys how I got into weed and how it's changed me.

    I first encountered weed in middle school, walking with my friend's friends and they offered me weed.
    I wasn't educated about weed but knew about the bad reputation it had at school. Friends offered me weed and I smoked it but probably not properly cause I didn't get high.

    I went to London for a spring trip with my coworkers and met some internet friends that are London locals. We went to a park and my friend pulled out a joint. I got super high for the first time and it was so amazing to be in Europe for the first time, specifically London, far away from everyone I know from school in America. I sometimes got anxious feeling like my mom would bust me and get me in trouble but then I'd remember I'm on the other side of the world and it was liberating.

    I saw how beautiful weed was and decided I didn't need cigarettes or those other drugs anymore. Weed is natural and doesn't harm you, maybe your lungs a little but I don't believe it's the same as cigarettes. I don't even think about cigarettes anymore.

    It's made me a lot more sensitive to people's emotions. I care more about the atmosphere and present of peoples aura. I only now want to be with people I genuinely connect and care about.

    My music style has changed drastically. I love listening to slow rock. I really recommend the band cigarettes after sex. Music is just amazing on weed, even with out but it made me realize how much I should've appreciated music more.

    I also love nature, sitting in front of lakes or in the woods. Going through a walk on a trial. Nature is beautiful it's nice. At one point I was high and believed that Mother Nature earth is giving us weed so we can all become hippies and help save Mother Nature earth. Love it.

    I also love exercising. Nothing intense. Maybe it's cause I smoke so much sativa but I love going for so many walks. Could be anywhere. I love smoking and walking around and looking at monuments in Washington DC. At the end of this month I'm going to New York and gonna smoke while exploring the city and what it has to offer.

    Anyways I just saw this forum a lot cause it helped me with questions I had so I decided to finally join the community. :)

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  2. Welcome friend. Weed can be amazing but make sure weed revolves around your life not your life revolving around weed
  3. Welcome to Grasscity. :GettingStoned:

    Just a friendly note: the forum rules call for us to not discuss those other drugs, even as far as not naming them. Weed is allowed, of course, with alcohol, caffeine and tobacco also on the table...

    Look forward to seeing ya in the forums.
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