How I got busted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by eazey18, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Alright so back in December me and some of my friends were smoking in a movie theater parking lot in broad daylight and people were around. We were already high so we were basically like whatever lol. Anyways I got a weird feeling halfway thru our smoke sesh and I called it off and we started to roll out. As we are pulling away 2 police cars drive in the parking lot around the back (we see them in our rearview window). They don't follow us so at this point we are like "OMFG THAT WAS CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" lol. So we're driving down the street and we're about 3 blocks from our house.

    As we're stopped at a stop light I see a cop stopped at the light to our right turning left (to pass us). I tell everyone to be chill and stash our pieces and my buddies new 18'' Roor kustom with a perk and ice spikes lol. So we turn onto our street and all the sudden we see the cop flip a hard bitch and we see those blue lights. At this point our lives just basically flashes in front of our eyes. We're like oh well we're fucked...

    Cop walks up and these are the first words that come out of his mouth and I quote:

    PIG: "where's the weed at?"
    ME: "fuck you man"
    PIG: " Step out of the vehicle"

    Anyways so everyone basically just basically starts bitchin at this pig like "all you got is better things to do than bust a few college kids for livin free and enjoying life" and shit. We smooth talk the fuck out of the cop "we were'nt harming anyone and shit". The pig doesnt care. He booked every one of us and we all spent the night in county. They charged me and both of my friends with Minor possession of marijuana and me also with a busted headlight and out of date inspection sticker. We got court 2 months later.

    In court the cop goes up to the judge and says this "These kids ignoring laws and subjecting minors to the influence of marijuana." the judge gives us ALL 150 hours of community server, 12 month restricted license (only drive to and from work), 24 months probation with random drug testing bi monthly, and around $500 in fines.

    Luckily my PO was one of the coolest in the entire state (he was only like 2 years older than me, and im 21). He never ONCE tested me and cut me off my probation after 1 yr (an entire year early).


  2. pretty fucking STUPID to tell a cop fuck you man.....

    trying to be billybad ass is ignorant !

    troll somewhere else please
  3. That's honestly the most disrespectful thing I've read all day.

    You deserved a lot more than a $500 dollar fine...
  4. Got what you deserved. Maybe if you didn't say fuck you like an immature high school kid trying to look like a bad ass, he may have let you off.
  5. Wow what a pathetic cop. Hopefully karma will take care of him soon enough.
  6. Maybe I should reiterate... he pulled me over for NOTHING. He just saw a bunch of dudes in a car with glasses on and assumed we were up to no good...
  7. Fuck the police
  8. it is very possible you were spotted by the police smoking weed
  9. haha, smooth talk my ass

    I've been caught a few times and they let me go, and I'm sure other members have the had happen

    Its about knowing your rights, being polite, and being honest (to a certain degree).

    I've been pulled over for speeding, red lights, etc etc, and if you're polite and respectful, most times they'll let you go

    Fuck you is a recipe for being ass raped, I'm surprised you didn't get worse, looks like they slapped you with the most they could have

    You lost this battle man, maybe next time you'll win

    +1 for the cops/judge
    -1 for you and your buddies
  10. dude you deserved to get busted if you were dumb enough to smoke in a movie theater parking lot in broad daylight and then the first thing you say to the cop is "fuck you man"
  11. You are fucking pathetic eazy.

    At some point in your life you and your friends need to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of middle schoolers.

    Smoking in a parking lot in broad daylight with a bunch of people around is probably the dumbest shit I have ever heard of. And then when the cop goes up to you window you say "Fuck you" to him?

    It seems like you either have a severe mental illness or stupidity is a common occurrence in your town. Wouldn't doubt it if its both.

    You deserved a harsher fine and sentence and if you think otherwise I hope you get caught in the near future so reality can kick you in the face.

    At some point in your life you have to stop acting like a child and you have to learn some responsibility.

    The cop you said "fuck you" to is the same cop you will be calling when someone breaks into your house, steals you car, or when someone assaults you. You just need to learn to respect the laws and not smoke like an idiot in public.
  12. You had a busted headlight right? There's a reason to pull you over. At least you had a chill PO but you didn't deserve one.
  13. I know 12-year-olds more mature than you. You don't tell a cop fuck you, what were you thinking?
  14. You deserved it
  15. Was this in California? How did you get arrested for minor possession when it's decrim?
  16. This isn't going anywhere constructive.
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