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How I am Making Bubble Hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ezozo, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hi guy's
    although I already done some much better job from the time these pictures where taken. I will show you how I am doing it with my first time pictures.
    hope you all enjoy it.

    First I am taking some trims, these are trims from Lebanese Sativa


    I don't now yes to put them small :confused: sorry

    now these where siting in freezing for two week and now I know that you need to chopp the very good before start.

    I have some bages with nico net on the bottom
    1. that collect the trims the holes should be ~200
    2.that make a first level hash is 66
    3. and the last one should be 25


    Now I put them on a backet, the bags are 5 gallon the I have a 6 gallon backet.
    the first bag is the 25 then the 66 and the last is 190.


    now I put the trims and a lot of ice but lot of ice and with drilling machine that I put a color blend on the end I mix the dough for ~30 min and then let it sink down for 30 more min with some more ice.

    Now I take the first bag out and let the watter out. today I am saving the trims for another round It's give like 50% more hash.
    but then I just throw it.

    OK, The Last staps taking out the hash bags and collect the hash. don't warry about the watter green/brown staff there it's ok :D


    and the 25 have less hash but better quality


    and to end of the story I have two screens with the sane size of net that the bags are.
    and I put the hash there and roll it with my fingers. Let it dry for a day and if it's not a big ball you can smoke it in no time.

    the screens


    the hash


    the 25


    PS : now I am doning 2 rounds ( you can do 3 but I am to stone ;) )
    If you have a big balls (don't look there :D ) you need to let them dry much longer.
    don't cover it before you are sure they are fully dry.

    good luck
  2. some bogbabble hash in one side
    and some julite hash on the other


  3. Rep yo way man, I'd love to toke on some of that hash, or hotknife it... mmm

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