How Hot Will These Lights Run?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mauhini, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. So for my grow room I am buying the lights and light fixtures for today. This is what i decided to go with..
    Vegetative Stage:
    (Two) 40 Watt 6500K CFL's (Daylight)
    (Two) 40 Watt 2700K CFL's (Warm White)
    Flowering Stage:
    (Two) 40 Watt 6500K CFL's (Daylight)
    (Two) 150 Watt HPS Lights
    Is this a pretty straight forward setup for growing two cannabis plants?

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    why run 2x 150w HPS?
    it's probably close to the same price as a 400 or 600..
    heat will depend on your ventilation, ambient temp in the room and size of your space.

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