How hot (or cold) is it in your house?

Discussion in 'General' started by carrotcake, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. It's in the low 80's inside my house right now :( Super humid as well. Outside is 92. Anyone else feeling the pain?
    I personally like 68-70 max in the house, but with no A/C it's not an option currently.

  2. It's always fucking cold in my house.
    Right now i'm warm because its hot out and i'm also on one or eight lol.
    I hate it when it gets cold in my house because I can't "chill" without falling asleep under blankets or something..
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    74F, A/C all summer. 
    If I'm out working/biking, I tolerate the heat (mostly because I know I'm taking a shower afterwards). But when I'm trying to relax in my house... no heat. :)
    On one or eight.... joints? Lmao.
    You can definitely sleep without blankets here, so I'll trade ya!
  5. 70, but the AC is struggling to keep up. Been running all day, and it's only gonna get hotter this week.
  6. 69 in my room, 91 outside. Fuck the heat.
    Fur sure :p
    I'd be happy if it was 32 degrees year round.
  8. Dang you guys sound lucky :p my roommate picked up a window unit from his family for free, stuck that in the family room window a few hours back. JUST now realized I had it on 'Hi Fan' instead of 'Hi Cool' lmao. The ventilation was also closed instead of open, but that one totally wasn't my fault.  :rolleyes:
    I would prefer 32 year round as well. My heater works just fine haha, plus I'm used to the cold. 32 is still shorts weather to me. When it's 70+ I can only get so naked.
    Enjoy that window unit, man! They can usually get your room pretty damn cold.
    I'm the same way, I don't tolerate the heat well at all. Anything above 70 and I'm just not comfortable. And I live in fucking DC, where it's almost 100 degrees all summer long with 100% humidity. 
  10. Humidity is what puts it over the top! I luckily do have a dehumidifier, but that's in the basement with my babies. It manages to get the house down relatively fast though.
    How are the winters in DC?
  11. I used to live in a house with my dad that didn't have any AC or heaters. So in the summer it was hot as shit and in the winter everytime I would breathe I could see my breath. In my own room.
    Then I moved. 
    I think you are my sibling?
  13. 75 inside 95 outside and it's getting hotter outside by the day.

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  15. I use the heating in winter, but it's grand now
    the first time I saw air conditioning in houses was in the US.
    AC is uncommon in Ireland? I'd probably die haha. Although you guys don't get too many really hot days do you?
  17. Living in Texas, it's not a want, but a must here. It gets do damn hot, and the humidity is beyond belief sometimes. I try to keep it around 74, but my room faces the sun so it can get pretty steamy in here.

    I think AC in houses is uncommon in Britain too to be fair. Although our weather here tends to be a bit more neutral then the brits weather. It's always cloudy and/or raining. Average temp in an Irish summer is 14 celsius/57 fahrenheit. The rest of the year, it's usually about celcius/44 fahernheit. 
    Boring and neutral. 
  19. since it gets anywhere between 105-110 on any give day i usually have my a/c at 80. 85 when im gone. a lot of my friends think this is crazy talk. like one of my friends keeps his ac at 70 at all times. i was at his house over the weekend and i literally had to wrap up in blankets because i was so cold hahah
  20. Its 84 outside, 82 inside. Fucking a. Im just waiting for the sun to go down to do anything for the night. Way to hot. Wish i was out on a lake right now.

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