How Highhhhh....Aye Yam....

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHapiClam, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ( For beginners, when heckled, an excellent comeback machine, is to begin with the question, How High? )

    How high do you have to get, to get over yourself? Am I setting the bar too low?

    How high did you have to get, to insert your head so far up your own asscrack? Oh, that's your face, I'm sorry, I mistook you for a crackhead...

    How high did you feel when floating in on the wings of a turkey? Yeah, I saw your car...'Pinto' is a Hindu word for turkey, right? Or is it for just any bird that will not fly?

    How high is a grunion's nuts again, sir? Oh, I'm sorry if that's over your head...

    See how it works? As long as you accuse them of being high, the brutality seems like fun.

    Thank you for your time. By the way...How high were you to read this crap? :D
  2. dude im soooooooo gonnee.

    what are you talking about. Hindu word for turkey????
  3. WTF Is this guy sayinggg?! wait... um.. fuck I'm soooo high. :hippie:
  4. oh my god my head hurts
  5. Its nothing but an excuse to make your brain float a little lighter than before.

    Please understand, the absurdity of this piece is in direct relation to the level of the trichome to corpuscles ratio in my bloodstream. Aye Ahm Sooo Hyaaa!

    This here bud's for all my friends, to those who aren't let's make amends.

    Even if you hate me, I still would smoke out the house, if I could.

    And I get a little silly when I'm high, so excuse my weirdness, please.

    Like your all so normal.:p:smoke:

  6. OH SHIT... I think I get it... Yeah dude this is a very fucking weird thread... haha We all here can admit we are all a little weird. ;) Now I must go back to flying away. byeeee :hippie:
  7. alright, so i think this kid is making poetry.
    but im not quite sure.
    my head hurts even more
  8. how high are you to look like a nasty pussy
  9. / sigh, the things some members post.
  10. dude im blazed plz explain!!!
  11. Have you ever seen that old movie Bonfire Of The Egos?

    Its like that, just burn from within, and be hotter than hell, its all in your mind, do not fly into the light!!!!!

    Spliff Delongatis Non Remorsis, duodenum pendulum bonum Gordo!

    (That means more Smoke More Big Bones with Unrepentant Beerguts)

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